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Lost - Swan Station Timer Screenshot

This program recreates the Swan Station hatch computer and timer featured in series 2 of Lost, created by the Dharma Initiative.  More info / download...

Multiple Files Text Replacer Screenshot

This simple program allows you to select a folder and file filter, then replace a string in all the selected files with another string. Simple as that!  More info / download...

Sliders Timer Screenshot

This app recreates the famous timer from the Sliders TV show. It is packed full of options to tailor the program to fit your needs and can be used as a computer resource monitor for CPU, RAM, HDD and NIC monitoring, as well as perform computer shutdowns, restarts and more.  More info / download...

TaskMan Screenshot

TaskMan is a task manager and organiser designed to help you stay on top of things. Simple to use and extremely powerful.  More info / download...

Work Timer Screenshot

A timer used to display the current time and date, with time remaining until you finish work.  More info / download...

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton