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Sliders Timer v2.50
Last Updated: 09/12/2015
First Added: 18/11/2015

This is a simple app that recreates the famous timer from the Sliders TV show. Features include:

- Digital LED display with LED's just like the show. LED behaviour changes based on time left (<5 mins and <1 min)
- Fully integrated 'Genser' startup sequence and cycling LED's
- Timer remembers where it is - and how much time has passed between closing and re-opening the app
- TAU, DELTA, ZETA LEDs and the two 'BAR LEDs' can be set to display useful information, such as CPU usage, RAM used and Hard Drive activity/usage
- Ability to randomise timer (END button)
- Set timer to shutdown, log off, close program, restart or randomise when it hits zero (MAIN MENU button)
- Manually set the timer, via days, hours, minutes and seconds or by entering a destination date and time (FCN button)
- Toggle the window as always on top (4 button)
- Configurable settings to alter behaviour (MAIN MENU button)
- "Slide now" button (1 button)
- Power off button (stops timer and all animations - PWR button)
Lost - Swan Station Timer v2.41
Last Updated: 16/12/2010
First Added: 31/12/2008

This program is an attempt to recreate the hatch computer and timer featured in series 2 of Lost created by the Dharma Initiative.


> Timer and terminal complete with graphics just like the show.
> Authentic high quality sounds.
> Animated number flipping.
> Can only enter anything when there is 4 or less minutes left.
> Keeps a log of your attempts - just like the Pearl Station does in the show.
> Glyphs appear and animate when timer hits 0.
> After too many 'System Failures' the timer will crumple and you can not enter the numbers.
> Option of shutting down computer when time is up.
> 'Bastard Mode' - which when activated prevents the program from closing and hides it from the Windows application list (not the process list in XP or above).
Space Battle v3.00
Last Updated: 04/06/2009
First Added: 04/06/2009

Space Battle is a two player recreation of the classic 'Space War' game. Two players battle in an arena to destroy each other and emerge victorious. This remake has several additional features that can be customised to your liking, including optional gravity, 5 different special weapons and much more.

Each player starts the game with 5 lives. Player scores are kept between matches, and can be reset using the button on the title screen.

Your laser gun has a charge, which will replenish in time (this is to stop you from just firing all the time and hoping for a hit). This is shown by the horizontal bar at the top right and left of the game screen.

Each special weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. Many, if used carefully can be a great help. Be careful though, as some if not used wisely can lead to your own death! Special weapons require energy to use. This energy replenishes in time. Each powerup has its own energy cost, with some more power hungry than others. When your special weapon can be used an 'OK' message will appear just below your energy bar (the vertical bar on the right and left of the game screen).

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton