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Sliders Timer


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Last Update: 28 Jul 2021
Released: 18 Nov 2015

Sliders Timer Screenshot
This app recreates the famous timer from the Sliders TV show. It is packed full of options to tailor the program to fit your needs and can be used as a computer resource monitor for CPU, RAM, HDD and NIC monitoring, as well as perform computer shutdowns, restarts and more.

Features include:
- Digital LED display with LEDs just like the show. LED behaviour changes based on time left (less than 5 mins and less than 1 min)
- Fully integrated Genser startup sequence and cycling LEDs
- Timer remembers where it is - and how much time has passed between closing and re-opening the app
- TAU, DELTA, ZETA LEDs and the two BAR LEDs can be set to display useful information, such as CPU usage, RAM used and Hard Drive activity/usage
- Ability to randomise timer (END button)
- Set timer to shutdown, log off, close program, restart or randomise when it hits zero (MAIN MENU button)
- Manually set the timer, via days, hours, minutes and seconds or by entering a destination date and time (FCN button)
- Toggle the window as always on top (4 button)
- Configurable settings to alter behaviour (MAIN MENU button)
- Slide now button (1 button)
- Power off button (stops timer and all animations - PWR button)

- Command-line options:
-settimer a-b-c-d
This sets the timer to a days, b hours, c minutes, d seconds on launch.
-setdate dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm:ss
-setdate HH:mm:ss
These set the timer the the exact datetime specified. You can also just specify the time to use the current date.

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton