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Lost - Swan Station Timer


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Last Update: 16 Dec 2010
Released: 31 Dec 2008

Lost - Swan Station Timer Screenshot
This program recreates the Swan Station hatch computer and timer featured in series 2 of Lost, created by the Dharma Initiative.

- Timer and terminal complete with graphics just like the show.
- Authentic high quality sounds.
- Animated number flipping.
- Can only enter anything when there is 4 or less minutes left.
- Keeps a log of your attempts - just like the Pearl Station does in the show.
- Glyphs appear and animate when timer hits 0.
- After too many ''System Failures'' the timer will crumple and you can not enter the numbers.
- Option of shutting down computer when time is up.
- ''Bastard Mode'' - which when activated prevents the program from closing and hides it from the Windows application list (not the process list in XP or above).

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton