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13 Mar 2013 at 13:37
Over 10 years ago


Below is a list of some of the best NWN modules available (and there are quite a few). This list was taken from here. This should keep me busy :-)

Pretty Good Character Creator / Customizer, by styzygy

A Dance with Rogues, by Valine (adult)
A Harper's Tale - Prelude, 1, 2, & 3 + Where Am I? + A Mountain of Trouble, by Dave Mason
Agrenost - Beneath the Cobbles, by Bubba McThudd
AL series (Siege of Shadowdale + Crimson Tides of Tethyr + Tyrants of the Moonsea), by Alazander
Almraiven + Shadewood aka 'The Auren Series', by Fester Pot
An Ancient Heart, by Andrew Ellis aka ACEMaster
Amazon Warrior, by Xialya
Aribeth's Redemption series, by Daniel Muth
Avertine - A Nation Dreamed, by Aristan
Black Thorn, by El Dano
Blackwall Keep series, by ZeornWarlock
Blackguard series, by Steve B aka 999Darklord999
Bloodright: The Blood Royal, by Twilightking
Bone Kenning, its "Teleportation fixed" version + Soldier's Grave, by Wes Lewis
Breaking Bad, by Darren Strickland
Caereena - Krakona Rising, by Dallo, Skyrmir, RyanDarth & gaoneng
Citadel, by Jim Grimsley, Madeleine St. Romain, Jeff Tyson
Cormyrean Nights, by Servilan
Darkness over Daggerford, by Ossian Studios® Inc. aka Alan Miranda
Dastards Morrow, by Mat Jobe aka toop
Enigma Island series, by Proleric
Eye of the Beholder, by Rick Francis aka Dark
Gladiatrix I & II, by FallynRayne (adult)
Heart of Winter, by Glenn Pudney aka gpudney
In The Company Of Thieves series, by wmclaughlin
July Anarchy Prologue, by JM Scion
Kale's Rangers series, by Stormrazor2000
Kunoichi series, by ADK (french & english versions)
Le Bâtard de Kosigan series, by Fabien Cerutti aka Kergael (french & english versions)
Lords of Darkness + Desert Rose series, by thegeorge
Maugeter - The Keys to the City, by Jaxtrasi
Midwinter Fesitval trilogy, by Marc Price
Orcs series + The Breach, by Akkei (french & english versions)
Prophet series + Honor Among Thieves + The Cave of Songs by Baldecaran
Return to Ravenloft + Ravenloft, Beyond the Gate, by Firestarter
Revenant, by McV
Rose of Eternity series, by Challseus
Runes of Blood, by MadWombat
Sanctum of the Archmage series, by Andarian
Sands of Fate series, by John McA aka Dr_Sungh
Soul Shaker, by Lance Botelle
Saleron's Gambit series, by Tiberius209
Shadowlords + Dreamcatcher + and Demon series, by Adam Miller aka PIPBoy3000
Tale of a Mage series, by Hugie
Tales of Arterra series, by Kevin Chan aka toa_lost
The Accursed Tower, by udasu
The Aielund Saga series, (Vault link), by Savant
the HeX coda + EE + Penultima all series, by StefanGagne
The Relbonian Chronicles, by Quillmaster
The Rogues of Quinn series, by Andy Boylan + The Rogues of Quinn IV, by Steve Disque
The Song Divine / Das Lied der Götter (Bilingual Version), by Milena
The Wanderer series + Wyvern Crown of Cormyr (Premium Module) , by B G P Hughes aka BenWH
Torslunda, by Luspr
Twilight, Midnight, aka 'The Paladin Trilogy' (no Part III) + Guild War, by Rick Burton
Vampire – Heaven Defied, by Chojin

Other lists:
- AME, aka the Academy for Modding Excellence
- Berliad's Desert Island Modules List, by Berliad
- Reviewers Guild
- The 3 sticky lists on top of the NWN 1 Modules forum
- The Vault search system

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton