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Character Classes

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2 Nov 2012 at 12:33
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To open up this forum I thought I would post some information on the various character classes.


Combat Type: Melee (DPS)

The following is taken from the Tochlight 2 Wiki page for this class:

These savage warriors use ferocious melee attacks, fist weapons, and can summon animal spirits in battle.

Berserkers are considered the high damage class of Torchlight II . They have excellent movement skills, as well as high damage and health regeneration skills. It is most common to dual wield claws while playing this class, but other weapons can also be used to great effect. Shadow Burst is great for high strength melee builds and can be combined with Shadowbind to keep monsters at bay. Executioner functions with both melee and ranged weapons. This and Northern Rage can be used to make an effective pistol build. All builds can benefit from Blood Hunger and Frenzy Mastery , because the Berserker's Frenzy is a very powerful ability.


Combat Type: Ranged (DPS)

The following is taken from the Tochlight 2 Wiki page for this class:

Outlanders are agile ranged weapon users who are experts in magical and martial arts.

While Berserkers focus on doing high damage up close, Outlanders focus on doing high damage at range. Rapid Fire is an excellent skill to use with any sort of ranged weaponery and is especially useful for shotgonne and bow builds. Long Range Mastery and Master of the Elements both work with wands, and so a high focus build works well with them. Blade Pact is useful for bow and crossbow builds in order to take full advantage of these weapons extreme range. Glaive Throw was once a fantastic source of damage, but has now been nerfed down to simply a good choice. Its high mana costs also make it difficult to use as a primary attack. Finally, Shadowling Ammo and Death Ritual are very useful to most builds because they provide melee minions to tie up monsters giving you more time to shoot at them.


Combat Type: Melee (tank)

The following is taken from the Tochlight 2 Wiki page for this class:

The Engineer is a heavy melee fighter who can use cannons, battle wrenches and deploy mechanical "bots" to aid him in battle.

Engineers start with 15 strength, 5 dexterity, 5 focus and 15 vitality. Engineer is an excellent class to play in Torchlight II. While often considered the tanking class, Engineers can be built to fulfill any role. Forcefield provides excellent durability to tanking builds while letting them rely on robot minions for damage. Engineers can also dish out good damage in melee using Ember Hammer and Flame Hammer, or at range using either Blast Cannon or later Fusilade . Engineers with high Focus can use Fire and Spark to pump their elemental damage in both melee or ranged combat. Finally, Sword and Board Engineers can strike a balance between high damage and high durability, and use the excellent Shield Bash to generate charge quickly.


Combat Type: Ranged Spellcasting (DPS)

The following is taken from the Tochlight 2 Wiki page for this class:

The spellcasters of the Imperial army, these ranged magic users are masters of the elements, attacking with frost, fire and lightning.

As a mage, Embermage is able to deal relatively high damage to enemies at a distance, well equipped with a vast arrays of AoE spells. To maximize damage dealing, invest most points into Focus, that makes your spells much powerful, but at the cost of dying easily. If you find yourself dying too often, put few points into Vitallity, which grants you some survivability. This is a rather unique class that you don't have to put points into Strength or Dexterity as you can solely rely on your spells throughout the game, without using your weapons, as your spells are very much powerful and effective than your weapons hit. Prismatic Bolt is one of the best skills, and available early, combined with the effects of Lightning Brand, Fire Brand and Ice Brand, and with no cooldown, bolts of high speed high damage elemental energies seek out and destroy enemies in proximity, and you don't have to face the trouble of aiming. Blazing Pillar works in a same way, but much slower and of fire element only, but very good at building charge, which at maximum level, grants you the ability to cast spells more effectively and without mana, for 12 seconds. Thunder Locus is another useful skill for embermage during boss battle where you can cast it on a strategic place as it stays there and emits high damage lightning strikes over time while you can run around avoiding fatal hits. Elemental Boon augments your elemental abilities by enhancing damage and resistance. Astral Ally is pretty impressive where you can call forth an embermage ally to do your bidding, casting a vast arrays of damaging spells like you do, especially when you are too busy running and avoiding fatal damage. Embermage also has high AoE spells such has Hailstorm and Firestorm useful for crowd control, but they don't generate charge. As said, with skills described above, Embermage has no problem killing enemies fast, but survivability is an issue if you let enemies approach you and starting to hit you. Luckily, Embermage has another powerful surviving passive skill Prismatic Rift where you can automatically teleport enemies away from you for a distance when they start to strike you, and incredibly that affects bosses too. When enemies are at a distance, they are no match to you with you keep spamming the skills as mentioned above. Embermage is a formidable and fun class to be played with.

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