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Inferno Farming

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13 Sep 2012 at 07:54
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Jim's Inferno Farming Guide

-Don't try and clear all areas. This is a waste of time and yields little in return.
-Try and minimise backtracking (goes hand-in-hand with the above).
-Don't go out of your way for trash mobs. Focus more on elites and getting through the run as quickly as possible.

Act 1

Par : Under 1 hour
Gold : 100k+
Inventory Full : 6+
(of Blues/Rares)

Choose the 'The Imprisoned Angel' quest.

1. Festering Woods (3-4 elites). Clear the 2 dungeons for a guaranteed minimum of 2 elites and take a brief walk-around to possible find more.
2. Cemetery of the Forsaken (3-4 elites). Quickly clear out all 3 tombs.
3. Leoric's Mannor (1-2 elites). Backtrack to Leoric's Manor Courtyard to find 1 guaranteed elite. Once killed, use town portal and take the Leoric's Mannor waypoint again, this time heading forwards.
4. Continue running this quest all the way up until killing the Butcher, through:
-Halls of Agony Level 1 (1-3 elites)
-Halls of Agony Level 2 (1-3 elites)
-Highlands Passage
-The Cursed Hold (2-3 elites + Warden mini-boss)
-Halls of Agony Level 3 (1-2 elites + Butcher)

Act 2

Par : Around 2 hours
Gold : 200k+
Inventory Full : ?
(of Blues/Rares)

Choose the 'Black Soulstone' quest

1. Desolate Sands (1-3 elites). Look for and clear Vault of the Assassin (5+ elites).
2. Continue with quest all the way up to (and including) killing Kule

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton