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Starbound - Tips

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11 May 2018 at 08:02
Over 6 years ago


As I play the game I shall be sticking some of my findings up here. I'll add to it as I learn more.

Update: 17-05-2018. Removed all subsequent posts and collected it all together under one to better organise it all.

- The early game hunting bow or spear has a higher chance of enemies dropping useful loot and food.
- Obviously, cooking food gives it greater bonuses.
- Build a hoe to till the ground before planting crops.
- If there is no rain and the ground by the crops is light brown, use a watering can on them. The soil will turn darker to indicate success.
- Harvest planted crops by pressing E on them. They should drop a seed and hopefully a food item.
- Canned food is available at the outpost for Pixels and is a great source of food that doesn't go bad quickly.
- Stick down some fridges for the more perishable food.
- Once you have upgraded your Foraging Table to an Agricultural Station, you can craft Sprinklers. These allow for auto-watering crops.

- Bring rope when exploring deeper caves. You can use it to repel down a chasm and climb up.
- You can, of course, "mine" your way back up from a chasm as well. Worth doing if ore is nearby.
- You can use Mechs to mine moons with no breathable atmosphere.
- Be careful mining crystals from moons - after some time the moons inhabitants (massive monsters) will come after you. Always ensure you can beam-out to avoid this (don't go to deep).
- Asteroid fields are a great source of Copper, Silver and Gold ore. You need to bring your Mech as there is no gravity.

- Build crates to hold stuff at your main base so that the contents are not lost when you die.
- Build torches from wood and coal for exploring caverns. You can use the Matter Manipulator on them to get them back. They also work as a way to show you where you have been.
- You can quickly become overwhelmed by enemies if you are not careful. Have health and some crafting components (like dirt) in a hotbar, ready for if you get cornered.
- Always have some healing items on standby.
- To prevent ambushes, ensure your health is always >50%.
- Your first base should be built at or very near the starter planet beam-down point.
- You will eventually need to upgrade your EPP to handle some of the harsher planets. This can be done at the Anvil/Forge/Replicator.

- You can use dirt (which you get a lot of) to block off enemies from getting to you or reaching higher ground.
- Water has actual physics! So - be careful if mining into an underground water supply, you could flood the whole area!
- Right-clicking with the Matter Manipulator manipulates the background.
- You can build stuff on your ship - and it's a good idea to have the essentials for crafting there.
- You can empty lakes by making holes in the background layer...
- Likewise, if you are building places to hold water, you must also fill out (build) in the "background" or else the water will flow out.
- Be very careful digging on the ocean floor... as you go deeper, any source of poison is liable to "infect" the water in the caverns you are digging in (assuming you didn't block off the entrance and are using the water to your advantage).

General / Gameplay / Progression
- Completing side-quests for planet NPC's can reward you with crewmembers.
- Boarding another friendly ship allows you to freely loot it.
- Craft an EPP as soon as you require going to places with no atmosphere (or ocean planets) - so you can breathe.
- Don't forget to upgrade your Matter Manipulator - for faster mining, additional functionality etc.
- Have the following ready before leaving your starter planet: 10 copper bars, 10 silver bars, 10 gold bars. This will unlock the first set of tech for you (Dash, Pulse Jump and Distortion Sphere), via Elliott in the Outpost.
- You can set bookmarks on visited locations. Handy for labelling where certain settlements are - or your own creations.
- You can buy Teleporter "booths", which once placed can be used to instantly teleport to a certain location.
- Make sure you are decently equipped for your first mission to the mines (to get FTL ship parts).
- Hand in Upgrade Module's to Penguin Pete to make your ship bigger.
- Each ship size upgrade allows you to hire 2 more crew.
- Upgrade your crafting tables, forges, benches etc to be able to craft better quality items.
- The Wall Jump tech upgrade is a straight-up upgrade to Pulse Jump - in that you can still Pulse Jump, just with the added benefit of being able to jump off walls.
- You can use EASEL, in the Outpost to make signs. Handy for labelling storage containers and the like. You can even animate them.
- Hold SHIFT to place blocks 1x1.
- Press X to toggle between toolbars.
- Flags allow you to set a beam-down point.
- You can build houses and colonise planets, then purchase some Colony Deeds. You can then begin collecting rent from the tennants. You can also receive quests from them and hire them (after some quests) to be in your crew.

Last edited 18 May 2018 at 12:06.

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