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Workshop Blueprints

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Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
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6 Jun 2016 at 10:30
Over 7 years ago


Just putting together a thread to post up some decent workshop blueprints for us, because, why re-invent the wheel? Also some of them are pretty damn awesome:

Feel free to add your own links to anything that may be of use to us while playing!

Capital Ships

The Wedge
A very small and light CV designed for survival, equipped with combat armour, turrets and all the usual things you would come to expect with a CV. Very agile and good on fuel. Features a small garden, advanced constructor, rocket and minigun turrets, warp drive, medic chamber, clone chamber etc.

A cheap to build mobile base for all your exploration needs!

Battle Cruiser Slimbob
A "all-in-one" ship created for survival mode that should act as a base of operations and serves equally well as a battle-cruiser thanks to the shell of combat armour and weaponry onboard.

It has a redundancy "cockpit" deeper in the ship for when the worst happens, a farm, 2 advanced constructors, 2 pulse lazers, 1 rocket launcher, minigun turrets, rocket turrets, a garden and all the usual features you would expect a CV to have.

It handles well, is not too fuel-hungry and has everything you should need to explore the far reaches of space.

Pocket Normandy SR1
A small-scale version of the "Normandy SR1" from Mass Effect. This one has been built with survival in mind and so is small, agile and light on materials. Saying that, it has everything a CV should have - advanced constructor, garden, fridges, cargo hold, decent defence, med bay etc.

A ship specially designed for the survival, you can travel in the depth of space without needs to return to base.

Polaris Starter
Same as above, but this version is without Zascosium and Erestrum. Removed Advanced constructor, x4 Rocket launchers, x2 Plasma turrets, Added Large constructor, x2 Rocket turrets

Compact CV
lvl 12 low block count,short build time,fully loaded including warp,compact enough to land on any planet nearly anywhere,auto cannon protection whilst mining etc.

Exploration Frigate with every equipement to explore Planets

Warp Drive Dock Mk. II
Allows you to use Warp Drive without having full sized CV.

Fury Class Intecepter
Known from the SWTOR game and other Star Wars publications. Heavy on resources though.


CV landing Pad
Large base (landing pad) built on high pillars. Could come in handy. For short production time and low resources, there is only the structure, core, generator and fuel tanks.

Orbital Shipyard
A moderately large shipyard for construction of Capital Ships. Many have said that it is difficult to construct CV's in orbit because of the darkness. This shipyard was designed with that in mind providing a well lit area to build in.

Simple Base Starter
This a compact starting base; you can *almost* build it with your initial resources (it needs 50 more iron ingots than you begin the game with).

Survival Turret
Small, easy to build Minigun Turret "base".

Small Ships

Cheyenne Dropship
My attempt to copy the legendary dropship from the movie Aliens. Interior contains all that a budding explorer would need and lots of passenger seats. Armed to the teeth.

Star Wars Snow Speeder
Modified T-47 airspeeder called "Snowspeeder". Well known vehicle from Hoth Battle.

Colonial Viper
This is an original series, (1978) Battlestar Galactica, Colonial Viper Mk I.

Avenger all around ship evrithing in one! Figther dropship you name it. Made only with Hardned Steel. It takes lots of punishment, however is not industructible, and looks damn slick as well!

Another dropship to take you and your friends into their explorations.

Last edited 17 Jun 2016 at 19:52.

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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10 Jun 2016 at 08:32
Over 7 years ago


Added the CV landing pad to original post.

Maximus Avatar 
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11 Jun 2016 at 16:12
Over 7 years ago


This mining platform looks really

Also this Battleship looks pretty kick ass and not too bad on resources

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