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10 Feb 2014 at 09:14
Over 6 years ago


So, what with the recent update, how the hell do we craft tools now?

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10 Feb 2014 at 09:26
Over 6 years ago


What I know so far:

1. Dig just under topsoil to get clay.
2. Make ingot molds from this clay.
3. Make a forge from pieces of stone.
4. Shove some fuel, the mold and ore into the forge to make the ingots.

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10 Feb 2014 at 09:41
Over 6 years ago


(feel free to add to this...;-))

Basic Items:
The following items are used in many more complex recipies.

1. Cut down tree.
2. Craft wooden planks from the wood.
3. Craft Plywood from the wooden planks.
4. Craft sticks from the Plywood.

1. Mine clay (just under topsoil)
2. Craft Lumps of Clay from mined clay.
3. Craft molds from the lumps of clay.

Ingots (iron, lead)
1. Mine the ore.
2. Use a forge to smelt the ingot.

1. Mine stone.
2. Craft forge from stone.

Craft using 4 sand blocks and 5 stone blocks, in an alternating pattern, starting with stone at the top-left.

Reinforced Concrete
1. Forge iron ingots 
2. Craft forging iron from iron ingots 
3. Craft Short Iron Pipes from Forging Iron. 
4. Craft Concrete.
5. Craft reinforced concrete from Concrete and Short Iron Pipes. You will require 5 concrete and 4 pipes, starting top-left with concrete and alternating between the two.

Useful Items:
Tools, weapons, traps and other useful stuff.

Repair Tool
1. Forge iron ingots
2. Craft forging iron from iron ingots
3. Craft Short Iron Pipe's from Forging Iron.
4. Craft Repair Tool from the pipes.

Spike Trap
Requires sharp sticks.

Glass Jar
1. Mine sand
2. Craft glass pane from sand
3. Forge iron ingots
4. Craft forging iron from iron ingots
5. Craft glass jar from forging iron and glass pane

Shotgun Ammo
1. Mine lead ore.
2. Forge iron ingots from the ore.
3. Craft buckshot from the ingots.
4. Mine Potassium Nitrate ore.
5. Craft Potassium Nitrate Powder from the ore.
6. Mine Coal ore.
7. Craft Lump of Coal from coal ore.
8. Craft Gunpowder from Lumps of Coal and Potassium Nitrate Powder.
9. Craft Shotgun shell from Gunpowder, Buckshot and Paper.

Pipe Bomb
1. Use plant fibre, gunpowder and metal pipe.

Craft Crossbow using sticks and Plant Fibres.

Crossbow Bolts
Craft from sticks, small stones and feathers.

Craft from paper, plant fibre and gunpowder.

Last edited 24 Feb 2014 at 11:36.

Gregory Avatar 
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10 Feb 2014 at 09:43
Over 6 years ago


To make tools like pick axes and stuff remains the same (i.e. iron ingots + sticks), the difference now is how you get the ingots; this process goes like this: 

A) Gather the required scrap metal (Refer to point 2).

B) Put fuel in the forge (Refer to point 1)

C) Put the required metal and mould into the forge (Refer to points 2 & 3)

D) Wait for the metal to smelt into ingots. The time for each ingot to form is constant but if you have a lot of metal in the forge the batch can take a while. The fuel amount and burn time are important to ovoid wastage (Refer to point 1)

E) Retrieve ingots from forge.  

Forge Requirements:

The forge requires fuel > Metal > Mould

1) Fuel – Can be paper, wood or coal. Each of these have different burn times (the burn time is shown in the top right of the forge details) Paper has the shortest burn time & coal the longest. As you tend to be mining coal is the best bet to get a good burn time.

If the fuel burns out before all the metal is forged, the smelting process stops. You do not lose any material this way just get an incomplete batch.

If the material runs out when there is still fuel in the forge, the fuel continues to burn and is wasted. 

2) Metal – You can smelt the following metals:

Scrap iron = iron              
Source = Iron ore iron ore , pick up scrap iron or break down items such as guns. 

Scrap lead = lead
Source = Lead ore 

Various brass items = brass
Source =Only available by smelting brass items found in the world like candle holders, brass bowls etc. 

3) Mould – Each metal type (as listed above) requires its own mould in order to cast the smelted metal in ingots. The moulds are made from clay which is acquired by digging soil; the clay is then turned into lumps of clay and finally turned into a mould.

The moulds last forever and once one is made it can be left in the forge indefinitely or they can be swapped about if frequently smelting different metal types.

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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10 Feb 2014 at 10:03
Over 6 years ago


I see, this answers my question - the crafting once you have the ingots is the same. Superb.

Be good to get a good list of useful stuff to craft (see my above post) in this thread, for easy access, as we find new stuff out.

Last edited 10 Feb 2014 at 10:05.

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