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Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
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4 Feb 2014 at 08:34
Over 9 years ago


Thought I would start this topic to post updates as they appear. Any with "(Beta)" shown next to them are updates that are not automatic (but will be after it comes out of beta). To get these you must opt-in to receiving them via Steam. For now, the server is set to NOT receive these, so it may be best that we all not opt-in to the betas so we all stay on the same version.

Alpha 6.3 Changes (Beta)

Changed all loot containers to have a greater chance to be empty
Changed cars to have more tool loot
Changed mailboxes to have more paper loot
Changed Less chance of finding backpacks in the wild loot
Changed length of IP field to allow longer URLs
Changed length of Port field to allow more room for IP field
Changed crops grow slower and no longer grow underground from torch lights

Bug Fixes
Fixed IP input breaking connection attempts after leaving a server
Fixed pasting IP from clipboard not registering

Known Issues

Players can sometimes get stuck in small vertical spaces less than 2 blocks high like on top of a cinder block or trash pile
Mac builds need to quit via the task manager
Rocket Launchers and Hunting Rifles cannot be broken down yet or crafted
Upgrading to Alpha 6 will sometimes cause players to lose key bindings go into options/controls/restore defaults and hit apply then close the game and start again to fix the problem

...notice the underlined one there Greg...looks like your idea will not work soon.

Gregory Avatar 
2617 posts
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4 Feb 2014 at 09:04
Over 9 years ago


Tits, well no problem. I will just have to make a high level farm out of zombie reach.

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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4 Feb 2014 at 09:13
Over 9 years ago


That's one idea. Alternatively, maybe look into building a small wall around them? Or work out how the traps work. I know you can build barbed wire - and those spike traps I built last night may be of use too.

Maximus Avatar 
2157 posts
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4 Feb 2014 at 09:17
Over 9 years ago


Yes we played with spikes :-)

Gregory Avatar 
2617 posts
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4 Feb 2014 at 09:34
Over 9 years ago


Yes that was fun!

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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13 Feb 2014 at 09:21
Over 9 years ago


Looks like the smooth terrain is coming along nicely. Check out this link for their progress so far.

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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18 Feb 2014 at 08:30
Over 9 years ago


I saw this today, thought you may be interested:

We’re also working hard on Alpha 7 which is on target to be out before the end of February. Smooth Terrain, Stealth and Cooking are confirmed features as well as a bunch of smaller fixes, improvements and features including new death options. 

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
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24 Feb 2014 at 08:22
Over 9 years ago


Alpha 7 Status update!
We’re crunching hard on Alpha 7 which we still hope to get out to you before the end of February. Alpha 7 will include smooth terrain which has been completely redecorated, a new lighting model, new stealth system with rock throwing for distracting zombies, a new cooking/chemistry system with many new recipes, glass forging, new player spawning and backpack dropping death options, a new sound mixing system and so much more. This is going be a big one kiddies so buckle your seat belts and stay tuned.

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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5 Mar 2014 at 08:23
Over 9 years ago


Alpha 7.2 is out. Check here for info.

Last edited 5 Mar 2014 at 08:23.

Gregory Avatar 
2617 posts
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5 Mar 2014 at 12:09
Over 9 years ago


As per I can never follow the links. Any big changes in this one?

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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5 Mar 2014 at 12:53
Over 9 years ago


Not really:

Official Alpha 7.2 Release Notes


Added new ‘Difficulty Presets’ game option that will allow the player to set the general difficulty of the game. All options here are configurable separately.
Added animal hide model
Added leather model
Added animal hide icon
Added leather icon
Added feathers to garbage
Added leather recipe
Added recipes for leather furniture
Added recipe for paned windows
Added nightstand recipe
Added animal hides to animal loot
Added caption for craft result

Changed Snow & water = River Water
Changed renamed River Water to Murky Water
Changed bucket hold ID to 34 to resolve bucket animations not playing correctly
Changed pickaxe fire animations to feel more substantial
Changed m136 model to include rocket
Changed m136 reloads to include rocket in the animation
Changed all looting sounds, inventory, forging and cooking sounds to be quieter when crouched
Changed impact and destroy sounds so less of them could be played simultaneously
Changed swoosh sounds so less can be heard simultaneously
Changed max sounds so a few more enemy sounds could be heard
Changed rocket launcher fire so it adds less value to the horde meter and rocket explosion so it adds more
Changed rocket explosion to be the furthest traveling noise
Changed Toned down brightness of hand held torch and reduced flickering
Changed name of yellow flower to goldenrod flower
Changed Zombies are scaled down on minimap
Changed Zombies that are breaking blocks and within 16 meters of a player always show on minimap
Changed enemy sense time is now in seconds
Bug Fixes

Fixed crafting grid storage exploit
Fixed being able to start crafting before having items on the tarp
Fixed wrong item total preview count in crafting window in some cases
Fixed aged wood craft duping
Fixed weapon breakdown duping
Fixed weapon repair bug
Fixed zombies not giving up after specified memory sense time
Fixed zombies attacking air
Fixed horde spawns even when enemy spawns are disabled
Fixed breaking backpacks if you die in the air
Fixed losing items when crafting large amounts with crafting tarp closed
Fixed instant item creation is now instant rather than superfast
Fixed items not dropping on the ground as last resort on full inventory while crafting
Fixed loot timer game option description
Fixed animal flee logic (straight line) still needs pathing improvement
Fixed all zombie classes appear correctly on minimap
Fixed bug that allowed a user to spam the loot key to bypass the loot timer
Fixed a couple grammar issues in English.txt
Fixed the radiator object showing the incorrect mesh
Fixed Gunjoint for female knife 3rd person
Fixed male FullBodyOverlays to be false when crouching so player would not stand when using items
Fixed hunting rifle recipe
Fixed bug where Enemy Memory was not working. Zombies now lose interest and roam away if you’re quiet for the designated time set in the game options

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
Chosen One
17 Mar 2014 at 09:40
Over 9 years ago


Alpha 7.6 is out. Patch notes here.

...and for Greg:

Official Alpha 7.6 Release Notes


Added new buff and debuff system that can do damage and healing and other effects over time. The system shows a temporary icon over the compass and icon and stats in the character screen. Coffee and food poisoning are the first offerings with many more to come.
Added new roaming hordes watch out for them. This is in addition to the existing noise spawned horde system.
Added viewable item stat system where you can mouse over anything in your inventory
Added new double resolution terrain mesh to allow cubed terrain blocks making mining and building with organic terrain materials much more enjoyable
Added new huge high school location and new road in the plains
Added new wearable icons and items for a skullcap, cowboy hat icon and baseball cap
Added new lootable, gun safe, school lockers and sinks to the world
Added hats to dresser loot
Added recipe, icons and items for coffee and coffee beans
Added breakable faucets that yield iron and brass to the world
Added brown grass to burnt forest
Added new concrete recipe from stone and gravel
Added gas recipe
Added new corn on the cob recipe, items and icons
Added new car wreck at the intersection of Riedel and Jordan

Changed caching of terrain values lead to better performance
Changed made percentage of night 35% as a default for all game modes
Changed increased weight of tin cans and candy tins so they can be scrapped better
Changed optimized collision testing thus performance on servers with many players and zombies is improved
Changed the seed of the all world randomization is now taken from the game name
Changed all the chunks are set to static now that might improve the performance
Changed hitting water with bullets or items now hits the blocks below water. The particle effect is still played on the water. So you can mine now under water
Changed particles for water impact are updated and working for all materials vs water
Changed increased delay and player cluster range for sound meter based hordes
Changed zombies can run in water
Changed car wrecks to have less dogs and more crawlers
Changed horde meter to not play warning and spawn sounds
Change horde triggering noise sensitivity to have some randomness
Changed exact collision on projectiles crossbow, rocket and trees
Changed lowered ladder structural integrity so they don’t support houses any more
Changed made brass easier to destroy
Changed wooden ladder texture to not clip the new terrain
Changed forge recipe to require a short metal pipe in addition to the stones
Changed air conditioners to give more short metal pipes
Changed zombies can now path through water
Changed improved stealth state logic
Bug Fixes

Fixed cloth stability
Fixed player cameras can clip into trees
Fixed bullet impacts only seem to register to the 1m volume area of a block entity model (Gun Safe), but not the
Fixed all LOD levels on forge was switched on
Fixed can now destroy the small dead animated bush
Fixed you can now destroy the desert shrub & get plant fibers
Fixed moon jumping problem in games with smaller night length
Fixed trees growing through bridges
Fixed sham and other canned foods from disappearing instantly before actually eating them.
Fixed winter pines to use colliders instead of blocky collision
Fixed name on potassium nitrate powder
Fixed crash on startup
Fixed various cooking recipe bugs
Fixed icons that were stone
Fixed desert shrub to have shorter collision
Fixed truck stop so mechanics pits are not full of dirt
Fixed zombies can see through doors when closed
Fixed hole in map in the north plains
Fixed problem that when attacking a block with the fist the full density was set
Fix various model import settings to not include animations to stop console spam
Fixed repairing fully repairs items
Fixed Metal Scrapping dupe bug.
Fixed Item dragging, players can no longer drag stacks larger than the max stack size for that item, remainder will be left in the slot. This prevents going over stack size for water and many other items in all interfaces
Fixed item loss with containers in multiplayer
Fixed an old west building closet that could not be entered
Known Issues

Cannot craft blueberry seeds

Gregory Avatar 
2617 posts
Chosen One
17 Mar 2014 at 09:50
Over 9 years ago


Cheers for the info Greg.

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
Chosen One
7 Apr 2014 at 08:19
Over 9 years ago


Alpha 7.8 is out. See here for information - and for Greg:

Official Alpha 7.8 Release Notes


Added new higher fidelity first person hands and removed legs in the view
Added HDR Lighting, Bloom and Adaptive Exposure for greatly improved visuals
Added loot abundancy and loot respawn time configurable game options
Added new 44 magnum handgun, parts and bullets to loot. The gun can only be made from parts and recipe learned/unlocked from finding and reading a book however the bullets can be crafted.
Added a new burnt forest town in the middle of the world with several new burnt houses and a garage and a new burnt forest spawning definition
Added metal strips, leather strips, cloth strips, oil and weapon repair kit items and icons for repairing all weapons in the new weapon repair system. Note: Weapon combining for repair is no longer used
Added recipe Books for learning and unlocking some of the more powerful and unique recipes in the game like the new 44 Magnum. Recipes are learned by using/reading the book
Added new zombie infection debuff cured with antibiotics and critical damage debuff cured with bandages
Added new HD 2048 Mp5, Shotguns and Magnums kins and Metal Shader
Added new System to make all picked up rocks turn into the same rock in your inventory and be a random rock if placed
Added new chat window with colored server messages, bigger text, and a chat history of up to 500 lines. This replaces the old chat window.
Added short metal pipe to zombie loot
Added all new items to the english localization
Added filing cabinet and cooler loot containers to the world
Added bandages as a start item
Added automotive loot group for cars
Added tungsten, coal, lead, potassium nitrate ore back under the ground
Added tungsten door recipe & reduced door crafting times
Added recipes for antibiotics, moldy bread items, weapon repair kit & plank stairs, concrete pillars, wood pillars, pine pillars, redwood pillars, stainless steel fridge top and bottom, desk safes, cabinet and cabinet top, bacon and eggs and the house plant
Added a new Spider Zombie Pain animations
Added new open and close sounds for doors, lockers, file cabinets coolers and medicine cabinets and stealth noise
Added new beretta pistol fire sound
Added tree fall sound to a tree is chopped down
Added new icons for the Swat Helmet, Goggles, Kevlar Helmet, Night Vision Goggles, Cigarette, Cigar, Shades, Aloe cream, Short Metal Pipe, Potato sprout, Tungsten Ingot icon, Tungsten Ingot Mold, Moldy Bread, Painkillers, Antibiotics and Enforcer Magazine
Added LODs to all modular cactus pieces, driftwood, toilets, office chairs, all rocks, and the store shelves
Added permissions system, admin/mod system, and remote command system using in-game console with serveradmin.xml file for setting up and storing the newly added admin system and telnet password to server config


Permission level – Any whole number. These operate in reverse order, the lower the number the more access the player has to commands. A player may execute any command equal to or above their permission level.
Partial Name or ID – The name of the player in game or the session id (3 digit number listed in lp)

New Console Commands: *all commands are without the ‘[' or ']‘ these are for readability only.

admin add [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will add the player to the admin list.
admin update [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will update the player, used to change permission level.
admin remove [Partial name or ID] – Will remove the player from the admin list.
mod add [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will add the player to the moderator list.
mod update [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will update the player, used to change permission level.
mod remove [Partial name or ID] – Will remove the player from the moderator list.
whitelist add [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will add the player to the moderator list. Use a high number if no command permission desired. eg; 999
If there are any players in this list whitelist only mode is automatically activated, preventing anyone not in the list from entering the game.
whitelist update [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will update the player, used to change permission level.
whitelist remove [Partial name or ID] – Will remove the player from the moderator list.
cp add [command] [permission level] - Will add a command to the permission list.
cp update [command] [permission level] - Will update the command, used to change permission level.
cp remove [command] - Will remove the command the command permissions list.

Changed All items fill the backpack not the belt when you pick them up. They go to the belt only if the backpack is full
Changed it so ammo does not need to be in your belt to use it. It can be in your backpack
Changed replaced BanFileName with AdminFileName in serverconfig.xml
Changed to new loot balancing system more to come
Changed telnet to require password for login
Changed focus cube art and color for easier building
Changed increased cost of TNT recipe to make TNT
Changed HUD Buff icons to now last until they expire or are debuffed
Changed Animals are harder to find, and doubled respawn time for animals
Changed lowered the number of zombies spawning on Husker Avenue
Changed tweaked campfires and torches to look better with HDR
Changed made all character lighting a little brighter
Changed spike traps can no longer be picked up they must be destroyed
Changed slowed down pig
Changed removed snowy rocks from some wasteland prefabs that had them
Changed Blueberries are now only found in the snow biome
Changed lowered weight of iron girders in wasteland but made them easier to mine
Changed gun safes to be made of metal_hard and they are now craftable
Changed gun and desk safes have a larger inventory
Changed stability of weak wood and items to not support heavy loads like fridges, furniture, and cloth will no longer add structural stability to houses as a whole
Changed Iron ore no longer drops coal, lead or potassium nitrate ore
Changed reduced shotgun shell craft time from 5 to 2 seconds
Changed reenabled LODs on block models (like trash pile)
Changed did a chaos pass to the school rooms with desks pushed up against doors hallways barricaded
Changed Beaker now has 4 ingredient slots
Changed Zombies don’t spawn in player visible area
Changed converted top/bottom fridge blocks into single piece model entity with LOD
Changed cleaned up various prefabs that were using the wrong corrugated thin metal
Changed optimized memory consumption on chunk loading
Changed death messages to not show zombie or animals, only for players.
Changed snow to have trilinear filtering
Changed First Person, male, and female club fire anims to be more weighted
Changed console commands can now also be locally executed on a client, like debug menu. So you don’t need a debug.dll any more
Changed third person is now only available in debugmode. 3rd person will not be officially supported
Changed other players are not be able to pick up your placed Sleeping bags or beds only destroy them
Changed updated old wood texture and stone texture
Changed axe animations to show more weight
Changed Reduced ammo found
Changed weight of scrap iron from 16 oz. to 8 oz. so more little items can be easily converted to scrap
Changed desert shrub to block models to reduce biome draw calls
Changed bush to block models to reduce biome draw call
Changed reduced number of trees in burnt forest to improve performance
Changed updated all block entities to use the new lighting script to fix brightness in dark settings

Bug Fixes

Fixed knife so it breaks glass easily
Fixed school stability
Fixed school scale and added roof access
Fixed church cupboards rotation
Fixed log cabin wood so it can be burned
Fixed crash of dedicated server that came in b3 or b5
Fixed stick and sharp stick to have the correct delay for impact to match animation
Fixed a black block in one of the houses
Fixed debug cheat where players can speed up and slow down time in the game
Fixed problem that fall damage was duplicated when connected to a server
Fixed problem where oil barrels do not disappear on explosions
Fixed problem that sometimes when you connected as a client you were playing in creative mode
Fix block wireframe guide to show as far as the block preview does
Fixed console not closing when pressing the console key again
Fixed non reflective water not working
Fixed old frig glowing in the dark
Fixed private games still listing on the master server in some cases
Fixed when a buff is debuffed the character UI image does not clear
Fixed coffee requires specific sqaure placement of ingredients to cook side by side not anywhere
Fixed problem that wooden railings that had full block collison
Fixed punching tallgrass has now particles
Fixed stone texture to have filtering
Fixed repair wrench delay
Fixed crouch punch
Fixed male zombie shader to use the right one and adjusted specular color
Fixed an incorrect rotation of forge particles prefab
Fixed take all so it considers existing stacks
Fixed campfire eating wood without starting
Fixed time sync on client side campfire. Now works like the forge, fuel wise
Fixed campfire keeps playing the animated texture and lit without fuel
Fixed sectional couches so they can be used as firewood
Fixed server messages being hard to read, they are now a light yellow
Fixed mouse click take all does not work on a dropped player backpack
Fixed sometimes take all key does not work
Fixed repair not working correctly if repair_time was not set on repair item, will now default to 1 second
Fixed usage of multiple repair tools in multiple spaces causing incorrect repair amount
Fixed drinking fountain to have collision
Fireaxe does more base damage and equal head damage

Known Issues

Player joined server message show up kind of late
Explosion splash damage doesn’t really kill zombies
Hornets spawn in the ground cannot move
AI get into into a state where they don’t recognize players and attack them
Null reference in desert junkyard

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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9 Apr 2014 at 10:37
Over 9 years ago


Aaaaaaand, another one - 7.9 is here:

Official Alpha 7.9 patch notes


Changed improved performance optimizations including: Removed legs colliders on zombies but not players. This will be added back when optimizations come. UpdateLight script is called less often, not on a dedicated servers at all and does not animate color on static objects. Optimized shadows, Improved batching of billboard objects and fixed leak on materials
Changed block name and player name are now displayed when focusing another player’s bed
Changed improved Magnum reload
Changed Increased repair amount on stones
Changed stage three of infection can now be lethal
Changed adjusted wasteland junkyard spawner count and definition
Changed collision on light fixtures, tvs and faucets so players don’t get caught on them
Changed TV’s now drop scrap metal when destroyed
Bug Fixes

Fixed Stealth where zombies can’t see you at all when you are crouched
Fixed ceiling lights in ski lodge that used the wrong fixture
Fixed Medicine Cabinets to the English Localization
Fixed chat wrapping in output window and in chat input
Fixed player names with coloring overriding the chat color
Fixed chat scrolling issue when there is very little text in the history
Fixed bug where you would lose an item if shift clicking with a full toolbelt
Fixed repairs eating repair items and returning a tool/weapon in worse condition
Fixed zombies feet clipping into the ground
Fixed Admin Tools bug with commands being executed anyway when player not found in any list

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
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7 May 2014 at 10:31
Over 9 years ago


New update is here, including "full" smooth terrain and air drops.... interesting!

Check out the deets here.

Maximus Avatar 
2157 posts
Chosen One
7 May 2014 at 11:25
Over 9 years ago


Do you fancy playing this on next games night looks like they have done a lot since we last played?

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
Chosen One
7 May 2014 at 11:29
Over 9 years ago


Sounds good to me :-)

Jimbobslimbob Avatar 
4648 posts
Chosen One
7 Jul 2015 at 15:25
Over 8 years ago


Don't know if any of you are aware but they brought out a major patch for this the other day - including adding a vehicle and the like.

John has been playing a lot recently - clocked up quite a few hours. The patch requires you to restart the world/data and start from scratch. I laughed. John was not a happy bunny.

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