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20 Aug 2013 at 09:06
Over 10 years ago


All the following information was taken from this page.

Player Handbook 

apricotslice's [Guide] X3 Handbook v 1.1 *First Release* 

Player Guides 
Apricotslice's Mapping Service Guide to starting off in X3 
Relief's :: A NOOBS GUIDE FOR MONEY :: and other things, lots of fun info for all! 
Giskards X3 player guide 
Apocholypse's X3 Guide, all you need to know 
Chip's X3 TUTORIAL - Starters controls Mission 1 & 2 Walkthrough 
Apricotslice's X3 for Pacifists (NEW 6/08/06) 

Trading and Economy Guides 
augustini's newbie guide to make credits (NEW 15/09/06) 
WillWilk's Sector and Universe Trader Guide WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS 
Giskards X3 Trading Networks 
Storm666's X3: Complex’s and Consumption: Understanding the requirements 
Tsar_of_Cows The Profit Guild Guide to Opportunities for Profitssss 
Giskards X3 Economy Guide Version 
strataholic's Supply and Demand Trade Chart(Printable) 
FyreByrd's Sector Trader/Universe Trader Guide Now Available (X3) 
Lord Such's X3 Sector Planner (a big hit for X2) 
Merroc's Super-de-duper All-in-one Complex Profit Calculator including asteroids(Downloadable) 

Combat Guides 
Giskard's X3 Combat: The Right Role (guide) 
Krusade's X3 Combat Guide 
RavenIII's Guide to Corvettes...Combat. [X3 Guide] 

Capping Guides 
The Cuban Nightmare's The X3 Capturing Guide 

Ship Guides 
RavenIII'sTractor Beam Guide (NEW 19/03/06) 
AsterXiphos's Missile Info (Exel spreadsheet) 
Boronshark's X3 Ship Stats 
Slade_x's X3 Ship Pictorial Guide *Spoiler* Ships & their Pics 
rtd's Ships: Statistics Prices and where to buy (Exel spreadsheet) 
Pixel's X3 Guide to configuring your weapons 

Walkthrough Guides 
Simon Moon's X3: Reunion Complete Walkthrough (SPOILERS) 

Guides to everything 
Roguey's - "Guide's to everything" 
The ultimate X3 guide to everything by nilof 
Pccenter's X3 Galaxy Map and Various other useful bits(Printable) There was too much in this to make a proper title  

Sector Maps Spoiler 
Nicholas Kabourakis's Yet another X³ sector map - v1.0 
Jaga's X3 Universe Maps (NEW 4/10/06) 

Merroc's *SPOILER*Excel sheet with all the asteroids in the game (X³) 
Ryuujin's How to make cleaner, sexier looking complexes 
X3 Race Rank List 
Factory node counts (NEW 02/05/06) 
Dave Toome's Ship/Factory 3D Models and Stats Viewer version (NEW 10/08/06) WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS 

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