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19 January 2016New poll
Put a new poll up today - Vote on the most important choice in Witcher 3. Given I am currently playing through the game I thought it would be good to see where everyone's loyalties lay.

Results of the last poll (Favourite D&D Class) were:
Fighter: 11 votes
Rogue: 10 votes
Other: 9 votes
Wizard: 9 votes
Cleric: 7 votes

26 November 2015Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Updated the GRAV command-line generator to handle the changes made to starting planets and added additional options to control them.

18 November 2015New Program - Sliders Timer Program
Added a new program to the files section today:

This is a simple app that recreates the famous timer from the Sliders TV show. Features include:

- Digital LED display with LED's just like the show. LED behaviour changes based on time left (<5 mins and <1 min)
- Fully integrated 'Genser' startup sequence and cycling LED's
- Timer remembers where it is - and how much time has passed between closing and re-opening the app
- TAU, DELTA, ZETA LEDs and the two 'BAR LEDs' can be set to display useful information, such as CPU usage, RAM used and Hard Drive usage
- Ability to randomise timer (END button)
- Set timer to shutdown, log off, close program or randomise when it hits zero (MAIN MENU button)
- Manually set the timer, via days, hours, minutes and seconds or by entering a destination date and time (FCN button)
- Toggle the window as always on top (4 button)
- Configurable settings to alter behaviour (MAIN MENU button)
- "Slide now" button (1 button)
- Power off button (stops timer and all animations - PWR button)

NOTE: Please ensure you install the provided font before use!
NOTE: Requires .Net Framework 3.5

24 June 2015Gallery and Video page update
Yes, they are gone. In place of them I have added Screenshots (from Steam), Artwork (from Steam) and Videos (from YouTube). This will make my life a lot easier with managing things and probably be for the best anyway.

This does not affect the image upload and gallery for uploaded images (registered users only) - that is still very much there and in use and will not be going. This is purely for the two aforementioned pages that were originally available via the menu.

5 June 2015Gallery and Videos pages
I am considering removing the Gallery and Video pages of the website soon, since they are pretty much redundant these days - all game screenshots I upload to Steam and all videos I upload to YouTube. Don't be surprised if they soon go or are replaced with the mentioned links soon.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton