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27 June 2016Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Added a new pseudo remote maintenance feature - "telnetsend.txt", which the program will read from and send the commands contained there via the built-in Telnet client.

- The main tab will display the loaded profile at startup, until the server is queried for the first time.

- Added server game version to the "Main" tab, if queried successfully.

- Added "%Version%" as a possible output variable, which will output the game version (if detected via server query correctly).

15 June 2016Game Server Manager Update
Minor update to the Game Server Manager today:

Changes in

- Added 4 new buttons to the "Game Specific Tools" tab for Empyrion. These give you quick access to some common Telnet commands such as "plys" (players online), "servers" (playfield information), broadcast server-wide message ("say"), "kick" and "ban".

- The status bar will only display seconds (for timed restart and backup) if no hours left.

- "Splitters" on the players online and performance tab should save and load position correctly now.

- New program icon

8 June 2016Game Server Manager Update
New version of Game Server Manager is available today, changes include:

Changes in

- Added a "Quick Tasks" dropdown menu to the "Main" tab to quickly restart and backup the server and switch command-line parameters.

- Added additional commands to the Pseudo Remote Maintenance "files" - "restart.txt" to restart the server, "parm1.txt" to restart server with parameter set #1 and "parm2.txt" to restart the server with parameter set #2.

- Minor bug-fixes and improvements to error handling.

- Updated manual to include details on Telnet, Telnet Commands and also the new Pseudo Remote Commands.

3 June 2016Game Server Manager Update
New version available. Full changelog below:

Changes in (24-05-2016)

- Fixed bug where altering the check interval to a value less than it was can cause it to go into negative figures.
- Check interval now has a minimum of 10 seconds.
- Statusbar will now display "Checking" when querying the server and halt the timer until it is complete.
- Added a button under Misc. Settings to clear all graph history.
- Other minor alterations.
- Now comes with an installer.

Changes in (03-06-2016)

- Added a built-in Telnet client with autocomplete history
- Added ability to shutdown a server via a Telnet command
- Added ability to send multiple commands (separated by a new line) via Telnet 10, 5 and 1 minute before a timed restart is performed.
- Option to automatically connect to Telnet when server is seen as being online.
- Ability to add a username and password for automatic Telnet logon with the built-in client.
- Added ability to output Telnet content to a text file using %Telnet%".
- Small fix to automatically set your NIC to the first list item when one cannot be selected/used.

Changes in

- Added ability for the program to "listen" for specific (configurable) commands in Telnet and perform actions based on them, such as restarting server, changing command-line parameters, backing up game data and even updating the server program.
- Fixed bug with "Perform Maintenance", causing it to malfunction because of recent changes made
- "Send" button now also works in the Telnet screen (you can still press Return/Enter too)

26 May 2016Empyrion Server Now Online
You can find details on how to access it on the relevant forum thread. You can also see the status and player count on this website home page (under chatbox if you are logged in).


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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton