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10 April 2017Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Added a new way of shutting down a server - by sending keys to the process window.

- Moved shutdown settings into a new tab due to the above new feature.

25 November 2016New Poll
Added a new poll today - Game Night Vote, which I am hoping to reset weekly to gauge what everyone wants to play on the Friday. Perhaps this will aid us in sorting out what games to play.

I have also altered it so that you now must be logged in to vote.

I can add/remove games to the list as desired - please let me know.

Results of the last poll - "Witcher 3 Choice" were as follows:
Yennefer: 12 votes
Triss: 4 votes
Shani: 2 votes

Go Yen!

12 July 2016Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Added a check for Telnet connections for when host returns 0 bytes (disconnected). This is to prevent the program getting stuck in a CPU intensive loop if errors are present during Telnet session.

- Added additional checking when querying a server, specifically for Eden Star hostname, players online (not the list, yet) and game version.

- Added error control for when user clicks "disconnect" from Telnet session when they are already disconnected.

- Fixed the SteamCMD auto-update bug, where it was returning the incorrect version due to caching.

- Added options for username and password in the auto-update tab.

- Added a button to automatically generate valid SteamCMD parameters for updating automatically, based on details entered in the auto-update tab.

- Added additional query field checks for "Eden Star".

- Added an experimental "RCON" feature (switch between Telnet or RCON in settings) for games that support it. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.

- Added ability to restart a server every X hours, instead of at a specific time of day (choose between the two).

- Added Telnet/RCON automatic periodic commands - which allows you to set up any number of commands to send to the server at regular intervals. The program will cycle through each command and then start from the beginning when all commands are exhausted. You can use this feature as a message broadcast system, but it has many other potential uses too!

4 July 2016Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Fixed bug where the server config file could not be selected in the options screen.

- Program will now look for the app manifest file recursively from the server executable folder. Useful on games where the server executable is not in the game's root and should increase the likelihood of this feature working properly in such circumstances.

1 July 2016Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Added a new feature: automatic update checking. This will periodically (configurable check interval) check via SteamCMD for any potential updates to the game. If an update is found it will apply the update and restart the server. This also has a configurable delay from when an update is found to when it is applied, allowing you to send (for example, "say") commands via the telnet client to warn users in advance.

- Added a manual "Game Update Checker" button to the "Quick Tasks" menu, which will tell you if an update is available and also display the version of your local game and the one available via SteamCMD.

- Added countdown to next update check to the statusbar.

- Improved the statusbar and "quick tasks" with icons and cleaned up messages to look clearer and less cluttered.

- Fixed minor bug where if Telnet was selected as a means to shutdown and it cannot be reached, "perform maintenance" would fail to shut it down.

- "Check counter" now always resets when the server program is started.

- Added additional feedback to the statusbar for when a backup, restarts, updates and checks are in progress.

- Added a Telnet status label to the built-in Telnet client tab.

- Additional cosmetic icons added for certain buttons.

- A few other minor changes and fixes.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton