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11 January 2018Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- On the NWN command-line generator screen, the "modules" section is now an automatically generated (editable) combo box of all found campaign and custom modules from the various different folders - including the new one in "My Documents" for the Enhanced Edition.

- New INI File Parser, viewer and editor (based off the old GRAV one) that is more generic and works with any game INI files that are used for configuration. With this you get a list of all values in every INI file, with the ability to sort, edit, view, export and import settings as you want. You can also add your own "Friendly Names" to settings for easier finding later on.

13 December 2017Game Server Manager Update
A slight issue with the latest version's installer has been fixed and I would recommend anyone that recently downloaded it to download and re-install to ensure smooth operation.

Changes in

- Added an additional (optional) 4 backup folders (for a total of 5 backup sources), allowing you to set up more than one source for the game data backups. Resulting Zip files are numbered from 1 to 5.

11 December 2017Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Added ability to query Neverwinter Nights servers, retrieving data such as server name, players, module and other relevant information. You can select the new query type under the "Server Details" > "Query Type" dropdown box.

4 December 2017Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Added a NWN (Neverwinter Nights) command-line generator to the "Game Specific Tools" tab.

- Added a new option under "Quick Tasks" to start the server with no command-line arguments.

20 April 2017Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Moved around some bits and bobs in the settings screen to hopefully better organise things related to Telnet/RCON, timed restart commands and periodic commands.

- Added a Telnet/RCON override, under the new "Automatic Commands" tab that will direct all commands straight to the program instead of sending them via Telnet or RCON.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton