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12 March 2020SwiftSync Update
- New, quicker logging system. In cases where the program skips lots of files when copying, it should be quicker.
- Added options to toggle logging skipped, excluded, new or updated files.

11 March 2020SwiftSync Update
- Added "Exclude selected files" menu item for the folder views. When clicked it will add the selected files to your exclusion list.
- If a sync returns any errors while monitoring folders with "Sync changes" enabled, then it will not immediately attempt to re-sync (thus creating a never-ending loop until the option is disabled or the file is synced). Instead, the next time a change is made, it will attempt again then.
- Errors during a sync will highlight the statusbar in red to bring attention to the fact.
- No errors during a sync will highlight the statusbar in green to indicate everything was a success.

5 March 2020SwiftSync Update

- Greatly increased the speed of the compare when two folders are very different.
- Added new context-menu options to the folder views that allow you to copy the selected file paths as text.

4 March 2020SwiftSync Update
- Drives are now ID'd when you change a folder. When a compare is performed, it will check the stored ID against the drive and abort the operation if they are different. This is used to prevent drive letter changes causing problems. Profiles created before this feature will assign ID's at the time they are first selected.
- Files to be deleted shown in red (and strike-out) in folder views.
- 3 new filters: Show/hide new, updated and files to be deleted. Additionally, files to be deleted will no longer classify as "skipped", for the purposes of the filters.
- Profile List: Exclusions column now auto-sizes along with folders and name fits to contents.
- Controls being kept disabled after a compare is cancelled fixed.

3 March 2020SwiftSync Update
SwiftSync Update ahoy...

- Added some basic task scheduling options (using Windows Task Scheduler) to the settings screen, including run program at start-up and run a repeatable task every X hours/minutes.
- Re-organised settings screen with a tabbed interface.

- Added an additional task schedule option: a daily task, run at a specific time of day.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton