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23 March 2015Website Updates
I have made some changes to the site lately - specifically for devices with small screens (mobiles and tablets), although some very slight adjustments have been made to the full-size layout. The site should now snap to 1 of 3 different layouts depending on the screen width. You can go ahead and try it now - even in a browser window, if you make it narrower you should see the styles being switched to optimise space and make things readable even at really low widths.

You may have also noticed the Steam Users online thingy is gone. It shall not be coming back any time soon.

Note: It is very possible you will need to refresh the website to load in the new stylesheet - or else things could look weird.

6 February 2015Latest Game Server Manager Updates
Highlights (since my last post): Players Online list with graph, performance (RAM, CPU and Bandwidth graph), GRAV INI Parser which allows access to all advanced configuration settings, profile system allowing different configuration settings to be loaded, multiple program instances allowing more than one server to run at the same time (even with different settings - or a different game entirely).

Full changelog:

Changes in

- Added a player list to the "Players Online" tab (thanks to "SuPerTeD" for the idea). This will show a list of all players on the server, along with some other information that could be helpful (not all columns show data in GRAV) such as time online, score, ping and team.

- Added the ability to alter the "query type" under settings screen - maybe useful for other games. You can keep GRAV on "Common" - it works fine with that.

- Altered layout of settings screen - too many options!

Changes in

- Added ability to output the player list in a number of different formats

- You can now adjust the players online graph vs player list size by dragging the splitter bar between them. Setting is also persisted.

Changes in

- Multiple program instances. Introduced with this version is a full working "profile" system that allows you to open multiple instances of the program with different settings.

- New "Profile" system - whereby you can save/load configuration files from separate ".cfg" files. This is basically an extension of the old "import / export" system, although much more integrated. As such, the new system will save settings to a file in the "\Profiles" folder of the program. You can switch between them at any time via the "Profiles" tab in settings - and create new ones. When the progrma starts for the first time (or after this update), it will create a "Default Profile" and move all old settings into this for you.

- Added a new command-line parameter to the program - so you can open a profile (Game Server Manager.exe -profile "<filename>"). This effectively allows you to have any number of instances of the program open with different configurations without having to alter the profile each time.

- Added the "multihome" and "clouddir" options to the GRAV Command Line Generator.

- Added the ability to output the "Up Time".

- Added ability to set your GRAV command-line directly from the generator.

- Small GUI improvements.

Changes in

- Added a GRAV Advanced Server Settings screen, allowing you to edit most of the known useful options so far, such as XP scaling, running speed, food consumption, backpack dropping etc. This will be improved upon when more is known - so please let me know if there is anything you want me to add!

- Now requests to Run As Administrator when program starts (preventing the need to do this manually) on machines that require elevation.

- Removed buttons for the 4 GRAV ini files that were under "Game Specific Tools" and replaced them with a "Browse to GRAV Config Folder" instead.

Changes in

- Added ability to edit your multi-tool weapon settings (AKA "Pimp my Multitool") in the GRAV Advanced Server Settings screen.

- The GRAV Advanced Server Setting screen will now attempt to copy over the "Default" configuration file for any missing files. It will inform you of the success or failure to perform any of this when the screen loads.

- Added a notice to the GRAV Advanced Server Setting screen.

- Added a toggle button to the main tab to allow quick access to the "keep alive" setting (so you do not have to go to program settings to quickly enable or disable it.

Changes in

- Added a new graph under the "Performance" tab - to show network bandwidth. This updates along with all other graphs and uses the same "Max Items" setting as the others. It shows MBits In and MBits Out.

- Minor bugfixes with saving and loading settings for splitter bars and graph max items.

Changes in

- Added options to set all placed items and structural buildings as destroyable or not in the GRAV Advanced Settings screen.

Changes in

- (As requested by Kane Heart on the GravOnline forums) Added options to export and import configuration settings in the GRAV Advanced Settings screen. This is useful for backing up your changes, since patches can undo your configuration alterations.

Changes in

- Added a GRAV "INI Parser" to the Game Specific tab. This is a work in progress. It currently lists every single configuration value for GRAV in a list, complete with filename, section, value and key. I hope to improve upon this feature in the coming weeks to allow editing and "flag" certain options by giving them "friendly names" and the like. It is the first step towards ultimate configuration control in GRAV!

Changes in

- You can now freely edit every single value in all GRAV config files - all from one screen. The "GRAV Advanced Settings - INI Parser" is available from the "Game Specific" tab.

- Added a "friendly name" list file for GRAV INI Parser. It contains a list of all known configuration settings for GRAV. When the INI Parser loads up it will highlight config values that have a friendly name and show it to you for easy finding and access. The friendly name list is editable. The file "GRAVConfigList.txt" in the programs folder contains a list of all friendly names. Each line requires the "filename,section,key,friendly name" - in that format to show correctly in the parser. You can edit this file and add your own.

- You can sort and filter by all columns which allows you to quickly find a value.

Final note: though extensive testing has been performed on this feature, I would highly recommend backing up your config folder before altering anything. You really mess the game up if you are not careful. I accept no responsibility for any damage you do to the config files by using this tool - SO BACK UP FIRST!

Changes in

- You can now quickly add a friendly name to any config value that has not already got one. Simply enter the name in the textbox on the edit value screen and click the "+" button next it it.

- Added an import/export feature for the GRAV INI Parser screen. All values that have a friendly name will be exported.

- Several bug fixes and improvements to the ini parser. One very important fix where when a value was saved more than twice, it eventually removed it from the config file (see, told you backups were a good idea ;-)). Anyway, it should be a lot more stable now.

- Added a checkbox to autosize columns or not.

Changes in

- Added a toggle for querying the server in settings.

- Added an option to monitor a program other than the one specified as your "Server Executable" - useful if you run a batch file / script or something similar as your server executable but still want to check for the existence of a program. Not really for GRAV, but useful for other games.

- When the server is being queried it will no longer add "..." to the server name.

- UI and speed improvements for the GRAV INI Parser screen that should make adding friendly names easier. Minor bugfixes related to a re-parsing with friendly names and the list item being changed whilst the edit screen is open.

- Removed the old "Advanced Settings" screen in favour of the new "INI Parser". Why? Several reasons: 1. The old Advanced Settings screen was not very reliable and I found it did not always load and save values correctly due to the nature of the config files containing duplicate entries. 2. The new INI Parser contains everything that the old screen had - and so much more.

- The INI Parser screen has a new option - to filter for all values that have a friendly name ("Show known values only"). This is on by default. To see all INI file settings you must now untick this option at the top of the screen.

- Added World Events to the friendly name list for the INI Parser.

- The main form window displays the currently loaded profile in the caption.

23 January 2015Game Server Manager updates
There have been a lot of new features, improvements, enhancements and fixes to Game Server Manager since it first went up. I have been a bit negligent in posting the changes up here, so here is a full changelog from release to today is shown below:

Changes in

- Added option to detect server status via query rather than process. This should fix issues with the server crashing, but Windows keeping it "open" because of error reporting. NOTE: Ensure that the check interval is not so low that the server is not queryable within that time frame, or else you will be stuck in a constant "restart loop".

- Added an option to delay timed restarts. i.e. The server will be turned off and the program will wait X seconds before attempting to restart it. Useful for organising a timed daily update.

- Re-organised settings menu.

Changes in

- Status now displays the time until the next restart if a delay is added.

- Small UI fix, with status flashing between Offline and "Restarting..." when it is checking.

- Added message box asking if the user wants to disable "auto-restart if server not running" when they click on "Stop Server" and the option is enabled.

Changes in

- Added several new buttons to the "tools" tab:
- Run Maintenance Program - this simply runs the program specified in "timed restart" now, with any command-line arguments specified.
- Perform Maintenance - this will perform a full cycle of maintenance straight away, in this order: backup game files, stop server, [run maintenance program / timed delay], start server.

- The program will now look for a file called "update.txt" (just its existence, the content does not matter) in it's folder. If found it will delete the file and immediately "Perform Maintenance", like the above. This is a step towards remotely getting the program to perform this action.

Changes in

- Added a players online graph tab, showing the number of players on the server over a period of time in an area graph. You can set the number of items stored in its history via "Misc." tab in the settings screen.

- Program will now also look for "backup.txt" (along with previously added "update.txt") in its folder to instantly perform a backup. "start.txt" will instantly start the server. "stop.txt" will instantly stop the server and turn off "Automatically restart if server is not running (keep alive)" if it is turned on.

Changes in

- Added a new utility under the "tools" section - a GRAV command line generator. This will hopefully simplify the creation of the command line. It will also read any existing one you already have set and fill in the details automatically.

Changes in

- (Hopefully) Fixed bug where date was being incorrectly read on machines with different regional settings.

Changes in

- Added an import and export settings function to the "Misc" tab in settings. Useful if you want to keep an archive of settings for different games or simply want to back them up.
- Added buttons to browse to the backups folder and game data folder to the "Settings/Tools" tab.
- Added a new tab to the main screen - "Game Specific Tools" and moved the "GRAV Command Line Generator" there.
- Added some icons to the Main tab and the Settings/Tools tab for some of the buttons.
- Added an "About" tab under settings.

Changes in

- Added a performance monitor field to the main tab - which includes RAM and CPU usage.
- Added a new performance tab, which shows a line graph of RAM and CPU % over time - this updates when the players graph updates and uses the same setting for "max items in graph" as the players online one.

Changes in

- Added several new buttons to access GRAV configuration files - namely its world data (CAGWorldEvents.ini), experience scaling (CAGPawn.ini), food and running (CAGLili.ini) and global costs (CAGGlobalCostParams.ini). You can now access them via the "Game Specific Tab".
- Small UI improvements.

12 January 2015Grav Server and Game Server Manager
The Grav server is up. No doubt some tweaking may be required - and it should be good to go straight away. You can find it in the server list as Brickage. If we have to mess around with direct connections then I will put up some information, though we should not have to.

The server password can be found in the related (private) forum post.

I have also added the Game Server Manager to the files section. This is basically a modified version of my 7 Days to Die Server manager to make it universal and work with most game servers, as I found myself constantly changing the program to use it for another game.


9 December 2014Program Update
I have updated Steam Tracker to fix a few issues and get it inline with recent changes to the Steam HTML output. You can get the latest version from the files section now.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton