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1 July 2020SwiftSync Update
- Added elapsed time to the stored status messages - which is the sum of file build, compare and copy times.
- Skipped and excluded files are set not to log by default (will not affect active settings, only a new install/configuration).
- The log file is now limited to 20mb in size. Upon program launch if the size is greater than this then it will be deleted and start from scratch.
- On program launch the profile list will scroll to the current/last loaded profile automatically if it is not in view.

3 June 2020Program Updates
Updated ProcessMan to now include NIC monitoring, including ability to perform actions like shutting down your computer when a download threshold is reached.

Also added a new program - Launcher Launcher, which is used to monitor, start and stop your various game launchers - including Steam, UPlay, Origin, Galaxy, Bethesda and Rockstar. Can also launch and close all on program start/close and monitor NIC traffic so that you can shutdown your computer when downloads complete.

1 April 2020SwiftSync Update
- Added 3 new command-line options: -shutdown, -restart and -logoff, will perform that action to either shutdown, restart or log the user off when the program closes.
- Added a file extension column to the folder lists, which is sortable.

17 March 2020SwiftSync Update
- Read only files should now get dates set correctly.
- "Unknown" status now shows as orange in folder lists (they are not hidden with the skipped filter - on purpose).
- "Unknown" files are now shown in the log as skipped files and added to the skipped counter.
- If the log file cannot be opened due to it being exclusively locked by something, SwiftSync will try a different one (up to and including 9 separate logs) before giving up.

15 March 2020SwiftSync Update
- Added option to "Close to tray".
- Exclusions textbox changed to a combo box, along with buttons to add, remove and clear.
- Added profile list context menu to paste exclusions from clipboard.
- Profile list can now be sorted by any column.
- Added a context menu to temporarily exclude selected files. This will only affect the current sync. As soon as another compare is run, the temporary exclusions will disappear.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton