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Gothic 1 Reshade


(Games - Gothic 1)

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Released: 10 Mar 2021

Gothic 1 Reshade Screenshot
This is 2 Reshade presets for Gothic 1 (DX11 version). Some of the improvements include SSR, RTGI (where applicable), ambient occlusion, blue (Gothic 2 style) sky colour, enhanced colours, texture sharpness, anti-aliasing, depth haze, HDR and bloom.

The reason this reshade contains two presets is because (as of posting this), RTGI has still not been fully released. Those that have the shader can use that present, while others can instead use the built-in MXAO and RadiantGI to achieve a similar effect.

Image comparisons:
- Original vs RTGI: https://imgsli.com/NDM0ODk
- Original vs MXAO+RadiantGI: https://imgsli.com/NDM0OTA
- RTGI vs MXAO+RadiantGI: https://imgsli.com/NDM0ODg

Ensure Reshade is installed and set-up for Gothic 1 (via DX11 - and using the DX11 mod). Extract the contents of the zip file to your Gothic system folder and select it via the Reshade menu when ingame. With Gothic, it helps to press F11 to bring up the graphics menu first, so that the mouse is useable in the Reshade menus. You can also tailor the preset to your liking.

To ensure that fog and various other DX11 settings are correct for this reshade, ensure the following settings are set in the CTRL+F11 menu:
- SMAA is off. The reshade contains its own AA to replace this.
- HBAO radius is 1, power exponent is 1 and bias is 0.5. Or turn it off completely, since the reshade also contains AO (your choice).
- RainFogDensity is 0.0002. Otherwise, AO is seen through fog (the reshade has a close, balanced fade-out to cope with this).
- World fog colour is set to 100,100,130 (blueish tint). This ensures correct fog colouring at a distance.
- Brightness and contrast are roughly around 1 each. Adjust to your preference.

Reshade is available here: https://reshade.me/
Gothic DX11 is available here (also requires Gothic to be patched and the SystemPack and PlayerPack to be installed): https://github.com/Kirides/GD3D11

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton