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KOTOR 2 Reshade


(Games - Knights of the Old Republic 2)

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Released: 6 Feb 2021

KOTOR 2 Reshade Screenshot
This is a Reshade preset for Knights of the Old Republic 2. It attempts to improve the rather washed-out look of the game by deepening the colours, sharpening details and adding a number of additional graphical improvements such as ambient occlusion, SSR (screen space reflection) and more.

Comparison image: https://imgsli.com/NDM0NjQ

Ensure Reshade is installed and set-up for KOTOR 2 (via OpenGL). Extract the ini file to your KOTOR 2 folder, and select it via the Reshade menu when ingame. You can also tailor the preset to your liking.

Reshade is available here: https://reshade.me/

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton