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Game Server Manager


(Programs - Game Server Manager)

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Last Update: 7 Jan 2022
Released: 13 Jan 2015

Game Server Manager Screenshot
This program was created to help start,stop, monitor, configure and automatically restart a game server. It has been tried and tested with Starbound, Neverwinter Nights, Killing Floor 2, Empyrion, 7 Days to Die, Space Engineers, Avorion, Eden Star, Evochron Mercenary, Freelancer and GRAV - but will probably work with most games.

Features include:
- Automatic update checking and applying via SteamCMD (with configurable delay and server warning message)
- Players online graph
- Built-in Telnet and RCON client, which can be used manually or set to automatically send messages and commands (such as shutdown and shutdown notices) to the server
- Auto-restart if server goes down
- Message/command broadcast system
- Discord message broadcasting for server state and player changes.
- Player list showing everyone online, including ping, score, team and time online.
- INI File Parser, which displays a list of all ini file settings (across multiple files) in a list that you can sort, filter, edit, import and export as you wish.
- CPU and RAM usage display, with graph
- Network bandwidth monitor, with graph
- Ability to output status, players online and server name to a file - formatted however you want
- Single-click access to configuration.
- Detailed server information
- Internal and external IP address display
- Server up-time display
- Optional timed daily server restart.
- Timed incremental backups. Perform a daily backup of game data to a zip file.
- Automatically update game - Ability to run a maintenance / update program between restarts. e.g. SteamCMD to perform daily updates automatically. The server will start back up again when this program finished / ends so you minimise downtime.
- Option to delay timed restarts. i.e. The server will be turned off and the program will wait X seconds before attempting to restart it.
- Telnet to server
- 1 click backup and maintenance
- Remote commands to start, stop, backup, update and send commands to your server.
- Game Profiles - Multiple instances of the program can be run with multiple configurations.
- Designed to be universal and work with a multitude of games.

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton