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Last Update: 25 Feb 2022
Released: 22 Oct 2013

ProcessMan Screenshot
ProcessMan is a task scheduler and program manager. It was designed to monitor and manage any number of running processes on a machine. Unlike Windows task scheduler, this program also has the option to monitor actively running processes and perform actions on them at specified times.

Features include:
- Monitors program status, including up-time and down-time.
- Ability to schedule any number of tasks such as start, stop and restart.
- Ability to automatically restart a program if it is not running.
- Includes a built-in viewer to see all currently running processes.
- Will attempt to gracefully close programs that are scheduled to do so, before force-closing them, with a configurable grace-period.
- Will minimise to sys-tray.
- Monitor NIC usage and perform actions based on a lower download threshold.
- Ability to get and set program window position and size, with the ability to set when checked or launched (or manually via context menu).

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton