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Autorun Menu


(Programs - File Management)

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Released: 27 Sep 2020

Autorun Menu Screenshot
A customisable file and program launcher menu, designed for removable storage devices but can be used elsewhere as well. It allows you to add any file or program to its menu, which can then be accessed by double-clicking on it.

This particular version is a re-designed (.NET) version of the original VB6 program (still available via legacy download). It uses the same app data file format, so old app lists can be used by renaming them from Data.dat to AutoRunMenuAppData.dat. This version has a much smaller footprint than the older version, although certain features deemed unnecessary were removed or not (yet) implemented. In general, the new version is the superior of the two and is more future proof than the ageing VB6 version.

Features include:
- Portable and small in size
- Open files as admin, without parameters or using Windows ''Open With...'' screen
- Can open a command prompt to the selected folder
- Always finds correct file even if drive letter is changed
- Can quickly browse to the folders of items in the menu
- Can close/minimize/keep program open after opening a file
- Shows space left on drive
- Add your own titles and types to categorise and sort the menu to your requirements
- Add your own command-line parameters, including the use of relative path syntax. E.g. %drive% will return the drive and %dir% will return the target directory.
- Customise the view type, background image and font

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton