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JA Config


(Games - Jedi Knight II and Jedi Academy)

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Released: 6 Jun 2013

JA Config Screenshot
This is a (my) single player configuration file for Jedi Academy.

- Enhances dismemberment
- Enhances the lightsaber
- Sets up JA for widescreen (16:9)
- Enables the hidden melee weapon
- Enables picking up and using enemy lightsabers
- Binds several keys for cheats and spawning NPCs
- Adds a key to cycle through lightsaber colours in-game
- Makes the walk/run button toggle instead of requiring it to be held down
- Plus lots more

It may be best for users to browse the configuration file yourself before using so that you can alter the controls and features as you see fit. The file is fully commented and organised to aid in editing.

To use this file, place it into your \Gamedata\Base folder and use ''exec jim.cfg'' to run it. You can alternatively add a line to the autoexec.cfg file to perform this for you automatically at game startup.

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton