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Server Sonar


(Programs - Network)

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Last Update: 24 Oct 2020
Released: 13 Jun 2012

Server Sonar Screenshot
Server Sonar is a program that can keep an eye on network device up-times and latency. It can be used in a wide variety of situations for monitoring computers/servers/websites/devices.

Features include:
- Ability to store and ping an infinite number of addresses
- Automatically ping addresses in a user-defined time period
- Optional balloon message and e-mail notifications when hosts are down
- User-defined down count, allowing you to specify how sensitive the program is to random packet loss
- Ping sweeper tool to scan a range of IP addresses for devices
- IP resolve/Hostname lookup (IP / DNS Tools)
- WhoIs lookup for hostnames (IP / DNS Tools)
- IP location information for IP addresses (IP / DNS Tools)
- Trace route (IP / DNS Tools)
- Stores event logs
- Stores logs of all data in a database
- View line, point, stepped line and column graphs of the data
- Filter data by day, week, month
- Enable or disable pinging individual hosts with 2 clicks
- Clean, simple, easy to use and powerful
- Lots more customisation options such as ping time-outs, logarithmic graphs and more

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton