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NWN Bic (Character) Organiser


(Games - Neverwinter Nights)

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Released: 23 May 2010

NWN Bic (Character) Organiser Screenshot
This program is used to view, archive, backup and open Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 bic (character) files.

Features include:
- Works with NWN 1 and 2, can quickly switch between the two
- Ability to sort and rename files by date
- View info on selected characters
- Archive and Backup characters
- Rename and delete characters
- Can switch between 2 character folders (eg, the one in the main NWN2 folder and the one in your user Documents folder)
- Ability to select an external ''character editor'' like the GFF Editor available. When done, you can double-click a character to open it with this program
- Can open external BIC files via a command-line parameter
- Can set itself to open BIC files by default (eg. in Explorer)

You will need to ''Run as Administrator'' for the program to read and write to your ''localvault'' folder in ''Program


By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton