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Clipboard Monitor v1.4
Last Updated: 21/10/2010
First Added: 21/10/2010

A program created to store changes made to the clipboard so that they can be later retreived, used and saved. I created this for myself but decided to share it as it may come in handy to you.
Features Include:
- History of all clipboard changes
- Can view images and text sent to the clipboard
- Can save any item in the clipboard history (or all at once)
- Can capture the screen (with a magnifying glass for precision captures)
- Can capture a colour and display in RGB and HEX
- Minimizes to sys-tray for easy access
- Can remove, rename and delete any item in the history
- And more!
File Monitor v1.27
Last Updated: 21/10/2010
First Added: 23/05/2010

A program I created to monitor when and if a file alters in any way. Keeps a log of any changes and also allows you to make copies of the file when it changes.
Multiple Files Text Replacer v1.12
Last Updated: 22/01/2009
First Added: 22/01/2009

This simple program allows you to select a folder and file filter, then replace a string in all the selected files with another string. Simple as that!

Features include:
- Can choose to only search files that have been selected in the file list
- Displays a list of all changed files
- Gives option to select files changed in file list box
- Can 'Find Only' - ie. Don't replace text, just show a list of files found
Autorun Menu v3.34
Last Updated: 22/11/2008
First Added: 22/11/2008

A menu specifically designed for flash drives or any removeable storage device similar to this. It allows you to add any file to it's menu, which can then be accessed by double-clicking on it.

A sample autorun.inf is included in the zip to show you how to make the program autorun when the drive is inserted. Place in the root directory of the drive (as well as the autorun.inf and any icons you intend to use).

Features include:

- Can open a command prompt to the selected folder.
- Minimizes to system tray
- Supports network drives
- Always finds correct file even if drive letter is changed
- Can browse directories of items in the menu
- Can close/minimize/keep program open after opening a file
- Shows space left on drive
- Add your own titles
- Add your own command-line parameters
- Can use relative path syntax in command-line parameters. Eg. %drive% will return the drive and %dir% will return the target directory.
- Can sort files by filename/given name/command line parameters
- Saves window size/column size
Work Timer v3.33
Last Updated: 22/11/2008
First Added: 22/11/2008

A timer used to display the current time and date, with time remaining until you finish work.

- Customizable break and lunch times.
- Ability to keep window on top of other windows.
- Ablity to beep when near a break time or home time.
- Customizable notice time for the above.
- Compact mode to keep the window as small as possible.
- Customizable messages that appear at a custom time to keep you entertained.

Note: right clicking on the window will give you access to all the customizable content.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton