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Jcam v3.0.0.0
Last Updated: 14/05/2014
First Added: 02/07/2012

JCam is an IP camera viewer that allows you to connect to an IP camera and view its feed. Simple, but effective. It was designed for Foscam variants but as long as you know the videostream URL I imagine it could be used with a variety of different makes.

Some of the features include:
- Manually set the resolution displayed (320x240 or 640x480)
- Manually set the maximum FPS
- Customisable motion detection with option to take screenshots when motion is detected
- Auto-reconnect if nothing received for x seconds
- Warning if nothing received for x seconds
- Take screenshots of the camera feed
- E-mail alerts when motion detected, with attached screenshots
- Automatically take screenshots every x seconds
- Minimise to tray (with option to disconnect when minimised and reconnect when restored)
- Option to keep camera stream window on top of all other windows
- Launch the camera's admin page
Server Sonar v3.6.3.10
Last Updated: 31/01/2013
First Added: 13/06/2012

Server Sonar is a program that has been in development by me for some time now. It was originally created to keep an eye on my home network, but it can be used in a wide variety of situations for monitoring computer/server/website uptimes and latency. There are similar programs available elsewhere, but none of them are free or as feature-rich as this.

Features include:
- Ability to store and ping an infinate number of addresses
- Automatically ping addresses in a user-defined time period
- Optional balloon message and e-mail notifications when hosts are 'down'
- User-defined 'down count', allowing you to specify how sensitive the program is to random packet loss
- Ping sweeper tool to scan a range of IP addresses for devices
- IP resolve/Hostname lookup (IP / DNS Tools)
- WhoIs lookup for hostnames (IP / DNS Tools)
- IP location information for IP addresses (IP / DNS Tools)
- Trace route (IP / DNS Tools)
- Stores event logs
- Stores logs of all data in a database
- View line, point, stepped line and column graphs of the data
- Filter data by day, week, month
- Enable or disable pinging individual hosts with 2 clicks
- Clean, simple, easy to use and powerful
- Lot's more customisation options such as ping timeouts, logarithmic graphs and more
Birthday Reminder v1.0.8.12102
Last Updated: 11/04/2012
First Added: 05/12/2011

A small program used to input friends and family birthdays and wedding anniversary dates. The program will then remind you when any are approaching. Some of the main features are:
- Informs you of upcoming birthdays and wedding anniversary dates;
- Can also store addresses, e-mails, website addresses, phone numbers and more.
- Search and filter options;
- Tells you how old the contacts are, their starsign and how many years married they are (including the name of the wedding anniversary);
- Can set it to run when Windows starts so that you are always reminded.
TaskMan v4.0.3.11319
Last Updated: 15/11/2011
First Added: 13/05/2011

TaskMan is a task manager and organiser designed to help you stay on top of things. Simple to use and extremely powerful.

Features include:
- Fast and powerful search and filter options
- Grouping of tasks by any number of projects and assignees
- 'Due Date' field that can inform you when a task is due with customisiable notification
- Quickly search within a task description, using case sensitive or case in-sensitive search
- Saves all position, size and other settings
- Print a list of tasks, an individual task or filtered results from a search
- Assign priorities to tasks
- Sort by task columns, or use 'Smart Sort' to prioritise your tasks
- Option to autosize columns to fit the data within it
- Option to log when a task's status changes
- Percentage complete field to allow tracking of progress on a task
- Change the transparency of the main window and an 'always on top' switch
- 1-click hiding/showing of compelted and cancelled tasks
- Record time spent on tasks with the ability to log it via a simple 'start / stop' button.
- Ability to backup and compact the database
- User settings (and optionally, the task database) are saved per user so you can keep your data private or share it with other users of the computer
- Simple, clean and easy to use interface
- Helpful coloured icons and fonts to make distinguishing tasks easier
- Minimises to systray to keep it easily accessible when not in use
- Fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit)
- Small install
Jsync v4.0.1.11312
Last Updated: 08/11/2011
First Added: 21/07/2011

JSync is a simple yet effective folder sync tool that I created to aid my work process when files need to be kept the same across multiple machines. It is used to sync the contents of a source folder with another. It could also be used as a simple backup tool.

Features include:
- Ultra-fast syncing
- Ability to add as many sync tasks as you need
- Auto-sync feature, with alterable interval or a set time of day
- Two-way syncing using the most recent versions of files
- Option to zip files
- Run when Windows starts
- Keep a log of all changes made
- Turn individual tasks on or off
- Set priorities for sync tasks so that the most important ones are performed first
- Minimises to system tray
- Very small setup
- Clean, fast, slimline interface
- Optional balloon notifications
- Optionally include all subfolders in a task
- Optionally delete files that have been removed from the source folder

Please note that this software is currently in beta.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton