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26 May 2016Empyrion Server Now Online
You can find details on how to access it on the relevant forum thread. You can also see the status and player count on this website home page (under chatbox if you are logged in).


19 January 2016New poll
Put a new poll up today - Vote on the most important choice in Witcher 3. Given I am currently playing through the game I thought it would be good to see where everyone's loyalties lay.

Results of the last poll (Favourite D&D Class) were:
Fighter: 11 votes
Rogue: 10 votes
Other: 9 votes
Wizard: 9 votes
Cleric: 7 votes

26 November 2015Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Updated the GRAV command-line generator to handle the changes made to starting planets and added additional options to control them.

18 November 2015New Program - Sliders Timer Program
Added a new program to the files section today:

This is a simple app that recreates the famous timer from the Sliders TV show. Features include:

- Digital LED display with LED's just like the show. LED behaviour changes based on time left (<5 mins and <1 min)
- Fully integrated 'Genser' startup sequence and cycling LED's
- Timer remembers where it is - and how much time has passed between closing and re-opening the app
- TAU, DELTA, ZETA LEDs and the two 'BAR LEDs' can be set to display useful information, such as CPU usage, RAM used and Hard Drive usage
- Ability to randomise timer (END button)
- Set timer to shutdown, log off, close program or randomise when it hits zero (MAIN MENU button)
- Manually set the timer, via days, hours, minutes and seconds or by entering a destination date and time (FCN button)
- Toggle the window as always on top (4 button)
- Configurable settings to alter behaviour (MAIN MENU button)
- "Slide now" button (1 button)
- Power off button (stops timer and all animations - PWR button)

NOTE: Please ensure you install the provided font before use!
NOTE: Requires .Net Framework 3.5

24 June 2015Gallery and Video page update
Yes, they are gone. In place of them I have added Screenshots (from Steam), Artwork (from Steam) and Videos (from YouTube). This will make my life a lot easier with managing things and probably be for the best anyway.

This does not affect the image upload and gallery for uploaded images (registered users only) - that is still very much there and in use and will not be going. This is purely for the two aforementioned pages that were originally available via the menu.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton