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16 December 2010Latest Changes / Additions
- Updated Swan Station Timer to version 2.41 with some small alterations to the 'system failure' text.
- New poll. Winner of the last poll (financial state of Britain) was 'We are all screwed' by a landslide.

30 November 2010Forum Updates
- Forum and blog name display has been altered
- The default avatar has been changed

29 November 2010Forum Avatars
You can now set a custom avatar that will appear next to your name in the forums. You can change it via the 'personal' page. What are you waiting for?

28 November 2010In the pipeline?
There are a few features I have been thinking about adding to the website recently:
1. Forum Avatars
2. Flagging certain forums
These may well be added in the near future as I am currently looking into the best way of doing it.

16 November 2010Website Updates - Again
- Increased session timeout to 20 minutes (people did not have enough time to write a message before the session timed out)
- Sessions no longer 'end' when a logout is performed (no real difference to the average user), however they are still wiped clear
- Smaug-Cam now has a timeout of 10 minutes to prevent people leaving the page open when they are not there and eating up valuable bandwidth
- Smaug-Cam is now mounted in his viv and I am now searching for ways to remove the nasty 'UV Flicker'

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton