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17 September 2013New Forum
Added a forum for Evochron Mercenary today. Time to go fill it with guides, tips and help for it.

17 September 2013Website Updates
I added experimental auto-link feature to the chatbox. Since the chatbox does not use the advanced editor that the forums do, I felt it was worth a try to make URLs into hyperlinks automatically.

Nothing needs to be done by the user. The process is done when displaying the chatbox post. The only potential issue is URLs with spaces in them - which will effectively be cut. The way around this is to use the proper format of a "%20" in place of spaces with any URL you put in the chatbox.

So far, so good. Let's see how this goes.

4 September 2013Website Improvements
I have added some additional functionality to the website forums. There is now a link on the main forum page to get to the custom forum view screen, where you can select a date and have it show all posts since the date entered. I have also added a link to this in the recent forum posts section on the home page, which allows you to quickly view a summary of all posts made since your last login.

These features are only available if you are logged in.

19 August 2013Freelancer server is back!
As the title suggests, I have turned the Brickage Discovery Freelancer server back on. All profiles are restored too, so nothing has been lost since it was switched off over a year ago. How long it remains up and running depends on if anyone actually uses it - I will see how it goes over the coming weeks.

The number of players in-game can be found under the chatbox (or above the picture of the moment if you are not logged in), and player rankings are available in the link underneath.

On another note, I have added a new forum - for X3, in the hope we can use it to help each other with this difficult game.

2 August 2013Users online changes
Made a few small changes to the website users online thingy. Firstly, the user icons are no longer displayed (was pointless). Secondly, the recently online section now shows users logged in within the last day (instead of 4 hours). Lastly, I tidied it up the layout a bit.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton