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22 October 2013ProcessMan
I have added a new program to the files section today - ProcessMan. ProcessMan is a task scheduler and program manager. It was designed to monitor and manage any number of running processes on a machine. Unlike Windows task scheduler, this program also has the option to monitor actively running processes and perform actions on them at specified times. Some of the features include:

- Monitors program status, including up-time and down-time.
- Ability to schedule any number of tasks such as start, stop and restart.
- Ability to automatically restart a program if it is not running.
- Includes a built-in viewer to see all currently running processes.
- Will attempt to gracefully close programs that are scheduled to do so, before force-closing them, with a configurable grace-period.
- Will minimise to sys-tray.

14 October 2013EMH - Evochron Mercenary HUD
I have added an additional little utility for Evochron Mercenary today. This is a simple, resolution independent HUD. It is designed to run on a secondary monitor, while the game is running to give you some additional, quick information at a glance.

Check it out in the files section!

2 October 2013EM Server Manager
I have added a little "Detail" section to the server information on the home page. When clicked it will expand to show all players online, along with all player bases.

I have also updated the EM Server Manager program today. Some of the new features include the ability to list all player bases and the ability to output a players online list and player base list to a file.

26 September 2013Down-time
The website, Mumble server, Evochron Mercenary server and FTP may experience some down-time tomorrow, Friday the 27th September between 4pm-7pm, while an engineer is looking over issues with the connection.

19 September 2013Evochron Mercenary Server - Brickage
The Evochron Mercenary server is up.

You will see the server listed as Brickage on the global server list. Alternatively, you can connect directly by entering "www.jimbobslimbob.com" as the "Host/Join IP Address".

I have also added a new program to the files section. A simple little utility I created to check and restart the server program as necessary.

Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing you in game!

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton