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4 December 2013Website Updates
I have added several new features to the website. Firstly, hovering over forum topics on the recent posts section of the home page, or the forum subject in the forum page will display the first 150 characters of the last post.

Secondly, I have added an RSS feed for the recent forum posts. You can view it by clicking the relevant icon at the bottom of the list. This is experimental at the moment, so updates and improvements may be made. It currently shows the last 20 posts, including brief descriptions of them.


19 November 2013New Poll
Added up a new poll today - Who is your favourite Dead Island character?

Results of the previous poll (favourite type of cheese) are as follows (although this one was skewed severely by Greg voting multiple times ;-)):

Chedder: 10 votes
Stinking Bishop: 9 votes
Brie: 1 vote
Danish Blue: 1 vote
Edam: 1 vote

14 November 2013Forum Updates
I added a new forum for talk on other games (found just under the General Discussion forum). You can use this as a place to discuss games that do not have their own specific forum.

I also added an additional forum for Dead Island today. This should hopefully keep things related to this game a little tidier.

Lastly, I removed the forum for Firefall - since we never really played that and moved the existing post into the new Other Games forum.

30 October 2013The Big Switchover - Part II
I have switched the server over to PlusNet. Only problem is that it is currently running via Wifi - which I am sure you can appreciate is far from ideal. We will have to see how things go over the coming days, and if it is simply not working then I will move the server next to the router.

Please note that this is only temporary anyway, since the server will eventually be going in the Man Cave.

28 October 2013The Big Switchover
On Wednesday 30th October, PlusNet will be installed and I will hopefully switch everything over from Virgin to that. As a result, you can expect some down-time for the website, Mumble server, FTP and Evochron Mercenary server.

The other thing worth mentioning is that until my new "Man Cave" is up and running, the server will unfortunately have to communicate via WiFi. You can appreciate that this is far from optimal, and as a result, service may not be spot on until I can move the server into the man-cave and lay some cable (no pun intended) to the server.

I have considered temporarily moving the server to the router - but I will have to see how things go on Wifi first, as that will mean it will be in my living room!

So, apologies in advance and I will update you when I can.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton