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NWN Spell Timer v1.0.0.2
Last Updated: 03/03/2014
First Added: 28/02/2014

NWN 1 and 2's implementation of spell durations always bothered me - there was no timer / cooldown to show how long your spells have left before they expire. To this date, I have seen no real solution to the problem. That changes now.

This program allows you to keep track of spell durations quickly and easily. It is designed to run on a second monitor and displays the time remaining on 6 sec/level 1 min/level and 1 hour/level spells (normal and extended). It uses hotkeys that allow you to quickly start, stop and reset any of the timers while you are playing the game. Configurable spell class level and in-game "hour" timing. Timers also appear red when there is less than 20% time remaining.

A must have for any Neverwinter Nights spellcaster!

Note: Ensure you have the .NET Framework 3.5 installed before running.
Hannah Aeryn v1.0
Last Updated: 25/06/2013
First Added: 25/06/2013

This is a F12/W1/AA9/Ass8 female Drow, level 30 character for NWN 2. It is one of my favourite builds to play and is identical to the one I placed up on the NWN2DB website. This one comes complete with custom portrait that I made myself (both large and small versions). She is fully decked out with items and is ready to play.
Playable Aragorn Elessar Character v1
Last Updated: 29/11/2012
First Added: 29/11/2012

This is a playable character for Neverwinter Nights 2 - Aragorn Elessar.

He is only level 6 so you can continue his advancement how you wish. He is human chaotic good with 2 custom armours and includes his sword Anduril.

Aragorn's Ranger Armour: His ranger armour that he uses in The Fellowship Of The Ring.
Aragorn's Gondor Armour: A beefier armour (used in Return of the King).
Anduril: A magically enhanced greatsword.

The custom chain shirt and sword should be used when a higher level is attained (all equiped stuff complies with the item level restriction rules).
NWN Bic (Character) Organiser v2.00
Last Updated: 23/05/2010
First Added: 23/05/2010

This program is used to view, archive, backup and open Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 bic (character) files. Features include:
- Works with NWN 1 and 2, can quickly switch between the two
- Ability to sort and rename files by date
- View info on selected characters
- Archive and Backup characters
- Rename and delete characters
- Can switch between 2 character folders (eg, the one in the main NWN2 folder and the one in your user Documents folder)
- Ability to select an external 'character editor' like the GFF Editor available. When done, you can double-click a character to open it with this program
- Can open external BIC files via a command-line parameter
- Can set itself to open BIC files by default (eg. in Explorer)

You will need to 'Run as Administrator' for the program to read and write to your 'localvault' folder in 'Program

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton