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Welcome to JimbobslimbobWeb.

This site contains various programs created by me that are free for use by anyone (including the Game Server Manager, Neverwinter Nights Character Organiser, Lost - Swan Station Timer, JK-Launch Mod Manager and much more). It also contains forums to discuss whatever you wish and links to my Steam screenshots/artwork and YouTube videos.

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Latest News

13 December 2017: Game Server Manager Update
A slight issue with the latest version's installer has been fixed and I would recommend anyone that recently downloaded it to download and re-install to ensure smooth operation.

Changes in

- Added an additional (optional) 4 backup folders (for a total of 5 backup ...Read More

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Star Wars Episode 8
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Star Citizen the new Freelancer? Popular (Star Citizen)
  (Jump to page: 1 2 3)
Another interesting one. What a shitstorm.Some highlights (promises made that have been broken):- No dedicated server- It is pay to win- Not moddable-...
Today at 11:31:41 Go to last post
Killing Floor 2 (Other Games)
You are welcome, hope it explains things. If nothing else, at least you should no what to expect. Yeah, I think it will be a good one.
24 Nov at 08:06:39 Go to last post
Watchdogs (Other Games)
Shiny. No idea if it's any good, but the price is right.
7 Nov at 09:27:11 Go to last post
Destiny 2 (Other Games)
Well I hope you enjoy it anyway Meg. As for myself I have 0 interest in it I am afraid.
25 Oct at 10:59:41 Go to last post
The Walking Dead Very PopularVery Popular (General Discussion)
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An okay opener last night I suppose. Although I can't help but notice how long (and how many opportunities) they had to kill Neegan in that one a...
24 Oct at 07:41:20 Go to last post
Divinity Original Sin 2 (Other Games)
Just finished play-though number 2. Here are some screenies of my awesome time with the game:A-lly, a-lly, allyWhat he saidPartners in crimeWords to l...
23 Oct at 19:50:19 Go to last post

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NWN-Players - Neverwinter Nights Server

Status: Online
Players: 0 / 20
Up Time: 14/12/2017 17:36:50 (23 hours, 53 minutes)
Version: 8152

The NWN-Players server is a UK based NWN EE server. The server is private and you will require a website account to gain access.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands
Time to blow stuff up


Useful Links

Steam Status - Status of the various Steam services

PC Gaming Wiki - A great site for game patches, fixes and getting older games to work on new systems.

Neverwinter Nights Character Builder - An amazing site that allows creation of NWN 2 characters online

My Character Builds - See my public builds from the NWN2 Character Builder site

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton